Opinion: Why Does the Left Hate Christians?


It’s no secret that Christians are under attack in America today, especially by those on the left. Just last week, a billboard promoting the Southern California Harvest Crusade, a Christian evangelical event, was forced to be taken down after people complained.

The billboard’s offensive material? A man holding a black book.

The man, Pastor Greg Laurie, was dressed in a suit and tie, not religious garments, and the book he held was not discernible as a Bible. But that didn’t matter. Apparently, the “impression” of Christianity was enough.

Of course, this isn’t the only advertisement to be removed. In Texas, a billboard proclaiming America as a Christian nation was also forced to be taken down, and last year in New Mexico, numerous people complained about billboards depicting the Nativity.

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Christians today are often censored, ridiculed, resented and called racists and bigots.

So why all this hatred against those who simply want to live their lives believing there is a holy higher power to whom they will one day need to answer?

While some on the left claim to be Christians, their actions speak louder than their words.

If you are a Christian, you cannot promote violence against someone who thinks differently than you. Yet consistently, we see those on the left doing just that.

Do you think the left resents Christians?

If you are a Christian, you cannot approve of murder. Yet Tom Perez, chairman of the DNC, has publicly said that if you are pro-life, you are not welcome in the Democratic Party.

Christians stand for morals and values, while the Democrats have become a party of violence and resistance.

The left no longer has a moral compass to guide them. Instead, their faith lies only in themselves and the government.

But without faith, what meaning does life have? Without faith, how can you care about anyone else? Without faith, does it really matter what you do or who you hurt?

To those who have faith, it’s hard to imagine living without the hope that there is something more than this life. Perhaps that’s where a lot of the left’s hatred for Christianity comes from.

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Christians have peace and contentment — something the left doesn’t have. And because they don’t have it, and don’t understand it, they not only resent it; they are jealous of it, too.

The left envies a Christian’s happiness because they don’t feel happy. Hence, they ridicule what they can’t achieve themselves.

This resentment is wholly unfounded. Regardless of whether you believe in God or not, what is wrong with being a good person and having empathy for your fellow man?

Since its inception, Christianity has withstood trials and tribulations, and it will survive these attacks as well.

Christians are offended daily, but unlike the left, they don’t react with violence and boycotts. Christians must stay strong against these attacks, and pity those who are perpetrating them.

After all, living with perpetual jealousy is akin to having an evil cancer eating away at your soul.

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