Opinion: Here's What President Trump Should Say in His State of the Union Address


The following is what I believe President Donald Trump should include in his State of the Union Address:

The Constitution requires that the president “shall from time to time give to the Congress Information of the State of the Union.” However, given the disreputable dishonesty of most of the media, it is appropriate that I use these remarks to talk directly to the American people. This is the best chance a president has to reach them, without his words being twisted beyond recognition by most who call themselves journalists.

I have done my best during the last two years to Make America Great Again. But I accept Alexander Hamilton’s wisdom: It is “my duty to (portray) things as they are ….” Today, our Union is more divided than at any time since before and during the Civil War. While a significant number of Americans enthusiastically support my efforts, a true account of the state of the union must recognize the existence of resistance.

Much bitter opposition is the result of deception. The presence of the woman in the seat behind me is proof positive of how many in front of me obtained their seats by fooling voters. Remember, this woman objects to my denouncing brutal murderers as “animals” instead of “humans.” After vowing not to vote for her as Speaker, they broke their promises on the very first roll call vote of this Congress. Despite “dozens who originally pledged to oppose her return to power,” only 15 kept their word, probably only because their votes were not needed for their party to break faith with their voters. During the next two years, I urge all Americans to scrutinize the performance of these people and ask: “Is this what I voted for?”

As president, in the face of bitter resistance, I have worked very hard to keep my promises. The refusal of professional politicians to keep their word is now a major threat to representative self-government. Were today’s politicians in business, they would be sent to jail for violation of the Fair Packaging and Labeling Act. When citizens cannot know what those for whom they vote are going to do once elected, the right to vote is meaningless. (Incidentally, the punishment of private citizens but not politicians, for false advertising and labeling, is just one of countless scandalous examples of how hypocritical out-of-touch legislators exempt themselves from the very laws, rules and regulations they impose upon ordinary Americans.)

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Returning to the ferocious and hateful opposition to me for keeping my promises, my staff has found no prior examples of major media outlets having suggesting the assassination of a president. Yet major TV networks, such as CBS and CNN, repeatedly have suggested that about me. So too has the New York Times, which used to be considered the most influential newspaper in the country; and still has influence among many people. Also, most regrettably, officials of a prior administration have advocated a coup d’etat.

I was not a professional politician and had a good life before I sought the presidency. I ran for president because I was appalled by the utter contempt the Washington establishment has for both the American people and the Constitution they cherish. This establishment consists of most in the media, many members of the Congress, including most Democrats, and holdover Deep State bureaucrats who daily violate the law and their oaths of office. Their war is not just against me but against the people and their constitutionally prescribed right to choose who governs them.

Make no mistake. Although this is not a shooting war, it is a war nevertheless — a war against American values, a war against American culture, a war against the American way of life and, above all, a war against constitutionally-protected freedoms, the rule of law and representative self-government. For short-term political gain, many current members of Congress would abolish the basic rights of freedom of speech and due process of law.

For elections to mean anything, voters need to have information upon which to base their choices. But not many Americans know what the fake news media has refused to report: Four years ago, every single Democratic senator voted to abolish First Amendment free speech protection, ceding to Deep State Swamp officials the power to prohibit speech they considered “unreasonable.” Tellingly, the anti-freedom Democrats made an exception for their allies, the fake news media. (The official roll call vote and official Democrat amendment to mutilate the sacred First Amendment are now posted on the website.)  

My obligation as president is to do the best I can. I have lived most of my life and I do not fear assassination regularly advocated by leftist fanatics. However, I do fear the prospect of what would happen if citizens conclude that they have been cheated out of what they voted for in a constitutionally legitimate election. This is made all the more ominous when the leaders of a major political party no longer accept the results of elections they lose.

Just recently, a defeated Democratic presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton, declared that there is no reason to be civil when Democrats lose. This is in stark contrast to Richard M. Nixon, another president whose legitimacy leftist Democrats refused to accept, despite his having won re-election by a landslide in 1972. Just 12 years earlier, in 1960, Nixon lost a very close election. But he rejected pleas by his supporters, who had urged him to contest disputed vote counts in Illinois and Texas. Instead, in his constitutional role as Vice President presiding over a joint session of Congress, he delivered one of the most eloquent forgotten brief statements in American history. For the benefit of today’s impatient sore losers who never have accepted the constitutional results of the 2016 election and are unable to wait until next year to vote me out of office, it is worth quoting Nixon’s eloquence 58 years ago:

This is the first time in 100 years that a candidate for the presidency announced the result of an election in which he was defeated and announced the victory of his opponent. I do not think we could have a more striking and eloquent example of the stability of our constitutional system and of the proud tradition of the American people of developing, respecting and honoring the institutions of self-government.

         In our campaigns, no matter how hard-fought they may be, no matter how close the election may turn out to be, those who lose accept the verdict, and support those who win … [I]t is indeed a very great honor … to extend to John F. Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson … my heartfelt best wishes [as they] work in a cause … bigger than any man’s ambition, greater than any party. It is the cause of freedom, of justice and peace for all mankind.

Tragically, many now seated here scornfully reject Nixon’s wisdom. They and their corrupt, dishonorable and disloyal Deep State cronies pose a monumental threat to the United States Constitution. I urge all Americans who love our country and the great Constitution bequeathed to us over 200 years ago to resist the resistance to constitutional self-government. Only the American people can stop them from getting away with their tactics of stealing elections, vote fraud, speech suppression, intimidation and seeking to overturn elections they lose.

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One of the most deplorable tactics of the Deep State and FNM resistance is to accuse their opponents of the very sins of which they are guilty. A group called Antifa regularly smear proponents of freedom as fascists. In truth, it is the left that today is fascist as witnessed by repeated actual and attempted suppression of free expression of any opposing views. Just four and one-half years ago, every single Democratic senator, including many still here, voted to amend the Constitution to abolish First Amendment protection for their political opponents. 

The White website has links to the official roll call vote and official Democrat amendment to mutilate the First Amendment. Fifty-four U.S. senators — all Democrats — supported government regulation of speech critical of the government, or, as they put it, the power to “reasonably limit” money spent to “influence elections.” Tellingly, these anti-democratic Democrats voted to specially protect the press, an arm of their party.  As demonstrated by many examples of book-burning throughout history, one of the keys to totalitarianism is the elimination of any persuasive opposing ideas. President Ronald Reagan often pointed out that “(f)reedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.” Reagan echoed another famous quote: “Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.”

After Jan. 20, 2025, I will no longer be president. Therefore, it is ultimately up to the American people to decide whether to fight for their freedom or allow it to be destroyed by the very fascists who call them fascists.

Finally, it is long overdue for people who have never discriminated against anyone because of race, religion or sex and do not believe in such discrimination to fight back against the libels against them by those fanatically devoted to these practices. In particular, for many years, leftist Democrats have been libeling and defaming as racist and sexist anyone who disagrees with them or opposes them in any way.

And yet, it is the Democrat Party that has a long history of defending slavery, racial discrimination and even lynching. It was the first Republican president, Abraham Lincoln, who ended slavery. Just a year ago and six weeks after smearing me as a racist, the Democratic Leader of the Senate explicitly voted against a judicial nominee solely based on the nominee’s race and sex. And just a year ago, shamelessly and publicly, Democrats refused to applaud low minority and female unemployment; and they showed complete disrespect for the grieving parents of black rape and murder victims. Right now leftists are warning the Democratic Party not to nominate a presidential candidate next year who is of the “wrong” race or sex.

Long ago, the Democratic Party and its leftist allies abandoned the late Martin Luther King, Jr.’s dream that people “will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” They are almost exclusively fixated on racial and sexual identity rather than on actual qualifications and the policies the candidates represent. They don’t care what’s best for the country but, instead, focus on the race and sex of those who hold office. They don’t care if minority unemployment is high rather than low if the president is of a politically correct race or sex. They don’t care if innocent people are raped and murdered as long as officeholders are in lockstep with preferred identity politics.  

Lester Jackson is the author of numerous articles about capital punishment, the Supreme Court and American politics. His recent book is “Equal Justice for Victims: A Blueprint for the Rightful Restoration of Capital Punishment.” Copyright © 2019 by Lester Jackson, Ph.D.

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