It's Official - the Democrats Are the Party of Open Borders


It’s official: the Democrats are now the party of open borders, and voters need to know that there’s nothing they won’t do to put the interests of illegal immigrants ahead of the interests of the American people.

Just two days after Sen. Elizabeth Warren made headlines for endorsing a push to “decriminalize” illegal immigration, almost every Democrat presidential candidate who participated in the first round of presidential debates jumped on the open-borders bandwagon, insisting that violating U.S. immigration law should not be treated as a criminal offense.

“That criminalization — that is the basis for family separation,” Mayor Pete Buttigieg declared as he attacked Trump’s efforts to secure the border and protect American communities from drugs and violence. Rep. Eric Swalwell even argued that illegal aliens should not be deported, insisting that we should just let them be “part of this great American experience.”

Former Vice President Joe Biden, who spent most of the night looking and sounding befuddled and worn out, argued that immigrants who entered the country illegally should “not be the focus of deportation.”

This stunning display of radicalism, however, should not come as a surprise — for more than two and a half years, the Democrats in Congress have obstructed Trump’s border security policies and undermined his efforts to solve the crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border.

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Up until this week, they were even denying there was a crisis at the border at all, despite the surge of illegal immigrants overwhelming our U.S. Customs and Border Patrol agents, who apprehended an incredible 133,000 of them at the southern border in May alone.

During the debate, Sen. Bernie Sanders suggested that the Democrats’ open borders platform would become U.S. policy if Democrats reclaim the White House, promising to “rescind every damn thing” that Donald Trump has done to address the illegal immigration crisis.

Indeed, the Democrats have gone so far to the left on immigration that they couldn’t even resist the urge to attack the notoriously lenient policies of former President Obama. Sen. Kamala Harris, for instance, slammed Obama for allowing ICE to deport illegal immigrants who had no criminal records.

Even more shockingly, every Democrat on the stage during the second debate on Thursday night endorsed government-funded health care for illegal immigrants — a proposal that should terrify and enrage every American taxpayer.

Do you think the Democrats care more about illegal immigrants than the American people?

Before starting his day in Japan negotiating major new trade deals that put American workers first, Trump weighed in with a tweet on the new open borders-amnesty confessions of the 2020 Democrats. “All Democrats just raised their hands for giving millions of illegal aliens unlimited healthcare. How about taking care of American Citizens first!? That’s the end of the race!”

According to a 2017 study from the Federation for American Immigration Reform, the annual fiscal burden of illegal immigration is a whopping $116 billion. If we open our borders to millions of illegal immigrants, however, this number will balloon to the point that it overwhelms our entire social safety net.

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At the same time, open borders would make it even easier for drug cartels and violent gangs such as MS-13 to terrorize our communities, which are already plagued by rampant violence and a deadly opioid epidemic that has been fueled in large part by drugs trafficked across the southern border.

The Democrats seem to love illegal immigrants more than the American people — but their open-borders agenda would only inflict misery on everyone, citizens and illegal immigrants alike.

Already, the Democratic Party presidential debates have been illuminating, showing millions of American voters that there’s nothing the Democrats won’t do to destroy the rule of law and enable yet another generation of illegal immigrants to walk across an open border to become de facto citizens.

The Democrats are truly and officially the party of open borders now.

Mark Serrano is the president of ProActive Communications and a senior adviser to Donald J. Trump for President Inc.

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