Overweight Dad Suffering Health Problems Loses Half His Body Weight in 31 Weeks


How many times have you tried to lose weight? What would it take to motivate you to make a lasting change in your life?

Grab-n-go lifestyles that substitute vital nutrients for empty calories have contributed to the growing obesity epidemic worldwide. The increase in waistlines is often gradual, granting us the privilege of denial.

Even when our clothes no longer fit and we know that it’s time to loose some weight, success can be illusive.

Fad diets and high-intensity workout plans are hard to keep up — the first life disruption sets the entire program back.

What happens is a yo-yo effect that yields quick, but temporary, results. The moment you return to “normal” habits, all that missing weight finds you again.

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It’s a daunting process that keeps many from even trying. Adam Moffat of Penicuik, UK had tried multiple times to lose excess weight and failed.

While Moffat may have survived low confidence often associated with being overweight, he was diagnosed and being treated for sleep apnea and high blood pressure.

The excess weight was also crushing his knees, making mobility increasingly difficult. His health was officially in jeopardy.

Then one night, his wife showed him a picture of a friend who had lost 48 lbs. Struck with inspiration, Moffat was ready to make a change and committed to the Cambridge Weight Program.

The Cambridge Weight Program features protein shakes and delivered meals, a system that some find helpful when decision making and portion control become a block to weight loss.

With the support of his wife and two children, 13 and 7, Moffat embarked on a life-changing journey that just may have saved his life.

One of a key components of the program are the meetings that serve as regular check-ins and a point of accountability. Moffat attended meetings in Loanhead, UK with his daughters.

“For as long as I have been around my dad has been overweight and my mum has been worried about him,” Hannah, 13, told Edinburgh News.

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Just 31 weeks later, Moffat reached his goal — a loss of 182 lbs — and the family burst into tears.

Today Moffat looks like entirely different person. “People don’t always recognize me,” Adam commented as he discussed elongated trips to the store. People are more interested in picking his brain for weight loss tips than letting him shop.

The true testament to Moffat’s journey will be his ability to keep the weight off. Regardless, losing half your body weight is nothing to scoff at.

The first step to successful weight loss is inspiration that sparks motivation. Next comes a clear plan and a supportive environment. When all these are in line, sticking with it becomes easier.

Since his transformation Moffat has been able to cease taking all medications and is able to move with ease.

His family says that he is happy and confident, while he reports enjoying shopping trips with his younger daughter. “We are always laughing because I need to buy new clothes each time. I started of as 4XL, then 3XL, then 2XL, now I am a M/L.”

Congrats, Adam, may the year ahead be full of health, joy, successful maintenance, and adventure you’d never dreamed possible.

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