Owner Shares Hilarious Story After Mouse Runs Straight into 'Grossly Obese' Cat's Mouth


House cats are often heralded as mighty hunters despite their diminutive size. They may be small, but they don’t know it.

And when they catch something and bring it to you, the chosen one, their present is a treasured gift and you’d better be thankful for it.

My family had some guests over for dinner one evening when one such gift was brought to all of us. Our dining room had a sliding glass door that had been opened, leaving a screen in place so a breeze could sift through.

Just as we were all starting to tuck in, we heard a “mrrrrrfff” sound that came from the direction of the screen door. It was demanding — if muffled — and we all turned to see our cat, Rascal, sitting politely on the mat outside the door.

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In his mouth was a frantically wriggling lizard, held fast but gently. The squirming reptile was in stark contrast with the perfectly poised cat, who seemed to be implying that he’d brought his contribution to the meal — thank you so very much for waiting for him to arrive — and we could begin now that he was here.

Some of our guests found the sight more amusing than others, but one of us quickly ran outside and freed the lizard. This very much confused our victorious hunter, who skulked off into the bushes and ignored us for the next 24 hours.

Not all cats are built this way, though. For some, sneaking up on the food bowl is enough excitement for one day.

That seems to be the case for a rotund fellow named Dannylion. His owner, Bernie Rogers, told a tale of his fat cat and a very lucky mouse and posted a photo as proof on Facebook.

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“I’m sitting here typing about groomer water heaters and grooming stuff and such on FB, giving all sorts of useless advice for free, and a freaking MOUSE runs across my foot!” Rogers wrote.

“Skinny cat 1 runs across my foot in pursuit of mouse, closely followed by Skinny cat 2… all hell breaking loose. Grossly Obese cat opens mouth to yawn and see what all the commotion is about, and basically…mouse runs INTO Grossly Obese cat’s MOUTH!

“I don’t think he EVEN moved, except to stand up with mouse in mouth, and wonder to himself ‘now what?’ Mouse starts kicking G.O.’s lips, and G.O. freaks out. So he spit mouse out, and yes…the chase with Skinny #1 and #2 is on again….”

“I’ve said for YEARS, that the ONLY way ‘Dannylion’ (*Grossly Obese*) could ever kill a mouse, would be if he rolled over on it in his sleep and smothered it, or…if one RAN INTO HIS MOUTH!”

Rogers couldn’t believe what he had witnessed. His cat caught a mouse in his mouth, but then let it go.

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“(Mouse was managed (begging) to be caught by me 15 minutes later, and relocated…outdoors. He has a story to tell his Meece friends, that they very likely won’t believe. Likely they will call him a Fibberliar.”

“Some story about a giant ginger Moby Cat, Soft Lips of Sorta Death, Escape, Trapped in a blue juice cup by a redhead bi-ped (haha- a rhyme!), released under a giant Hosta in the garden, blah-blah-blah…. Mouse Stories.)”

“Meanwhile, Skinny cats 1 and 2, continue to look for missing ‘mouf’…” the post concluded.

While it doesn’t look like Dannylion will make a name for himself as a hunter anytime soon, he certainly got his 15 seconds of fame and has amused many people in the process!

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