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Owner's Adorable Trick Since Jealous Dog Wants Ear Medicine Just Like His Sister


Animals are a lot like people in some ways, and the more they’re around us, the more they seem to pick up human traits — both good ones and bad ones.

If you have more than one pet, you can really see this phenomenon bloom. When you have one, the dynamic between you and your pet is pretty reciprocal, but add more into the mix and everything changes.

It’s probably most obvious between two animals of the same species, but it happens across species as well. Especially needy critters cannot stand seeing other critters get more attention, treats, or toys than they do.

If you’re hugging one pet, the other will nudge its way into the cuddle puddle. If you give one pet a treat, you better give the other one a treat, too.

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And apparently, if you give one pet a treatment, you’d better be ready to do the same for the other one so he doesn’t feel left out.

That was the case for Cache, a Labrador retriever, whose doggy sister was getting ear drops for some condition. Ear drops are a fairly common way to treat things like ear infections or ear mites in dogs.

Cache didn’t have whatever condition the other dog had, but he didn’t know. All he knew was that his sister was getting special attention, and by golly, he wanted some of that attention, too!

Are your pets jealous of their fur siblings?

The video posted on Twitter by Chloe Copley shows a man administering ear drops to the pooch who needed them, massaging her ear afterward to make sure it coated the ear canal.

Once she was done, she backed up, shook her head and wagged away. Meanwhile, Cache had been patiently waiting his turn, and when she got up he moved right into position, sitting with his head in easy reach.

The man capped the medicine, pretended to put it in both of Cache’s ears, rubbed them, and then threw up his hands and proclaimed “all done!”

Both dogs seemed pretty happy with the situation, which is surprising in itself because plenty of dogs resist having ear drops administered. They’ll run, hide, shake their heads, or unleash a variety of other evasive maneuvers.

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But these are good pups, as illustrated by the other videos Copley posted of them. They seem like pretty laid-back, easy-going dogs who like the simple things in life: ear rubs, foot rubs, and plenty of toys.

It’s clear these pups enjoy each other’s company and get along well. Are your pets like Cache or are they more of the jealous type?

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