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Photographer Captures Incredible Photos as Surrogate Gives Birth and Mother Holds Newborn in Arms


Birth photography is a fairly recent phenomenon. As people have become more interested in cataloging the important moments in their lives, photographers have started to branch out and specialize, receiving requests to attend events as special as births.

Some mothers want their child’s first moments in the world immortalized on film, and now it’s not so strange to have a paid photographer in the room with you along with your hand-selected group of close family members.

You’re certainly more likely to get better photos from a professional photographer than you will from your significant other, who’s probably not going to snap the best shots while also experiencing one of life’s greatest miracles.

But there’s a lot of pressure on photographers to capture just the right moments and emotions, especially during such a crucial time. Stephanie and Kevin Cabrera are two of those photographers who have made capturing life’s most important moments their life’s work.

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“It begins with our two incredibly thoughtful and loving daughters,” they write on their About page. “We can’t help but fall in love with the wonder they both share about our world.”

“They are our constant inspiration and reminder that through all the chaos, our world is a beautiful one. This plays so much into our style. As a couple and parents we know how important memories are, and how fleeting they can be.”

“When we set out to photograph a family we immerse ourselves in the fun and the emotions everyone is sharing. We play, we act silly and sometimes weird. At our couple sessions we aren’t much more different. Our style is very motion-filled and motion-inspired.”

On Jan. 22, Stephanie Cabrera shared an album on Facebook containing some of her newest work. It was a series of photographs following a soon-to-be mom as she attended a surrogate birth mother through labor.

Not much information was shared about the situation, other than the fact that the woman traveled from Spain to be with the surrogate mother and meet her new addition. The photos have been reacted to over 44,000 times and shared nearly 39,000 times.

“I’m spoiled,” Cabrera wrote in a Facebook post on Jan. 22. “I feel so lucky to get to witness how amazing the love between people can be.”

“Surrogacy is something I’ve always admired, to provide someone with the gift of love, a gift more precious than any other gift in the world. This Mama traveled all the way from Spain to meet her little miracle.”

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“It’s been three years, three long years of waiting. And Finally she gets to hold her first baby, her love, her everything. ❤”

The photos show the woman caring tenderly for the birth mother, walking through the halls with her and making sure she was attended to. Plenty of people have chimed in, recognizing the beauty and authenticity in the situation.

“Beauty and love at its best,” wrote one commenter. “Here’s a good example of things I cry over while by myself at home,” wrote another.

The love for both mother and child is evident in the woman’s eyes, and there’s no doubt for most people who’ve seen these photos that she will be an excellent momma.

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