Police Officer Grabs Hand of Little Girl in Wheelchair and Starts To Dance


If you’re an introvert like me, you may find it difficult to strike up a conversation with people you don’t know, especially in a large group setting.

Luckily Sandy Fernandez, a Houston police officer, didn’t have any problems asking a little girl in a wheelchair to dance with him at a recent quinceañera; that simple gesture instantly made her entire night so much better.

Officer Fernandez was providing security for the birthday bash and noticed the little girl circling the dance floor.

He remembered, “Every time she would pass the dance floor she would just laugh, she would smile at me. Every time she passed by I would just smile and wave.”

At one point she and her mother actually got on to the dance floor and the officer watched as she began dancing in her chair.

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Now that he knew she enjoyed dancing, he told himself he would ask her to dance with him next time she passed by.

And that’s exactly what he did.

The little girl’s face lit up when he asked her to dance and the smile stayed on her face for the next few songs that they danced to.

“I started spinning her around and she followed me and she smiled the whole time,” Fernandez said. “She just stole my heart.”

Juan Mancha, the DJ at the dance, captured a few moments of the pair dancing on video and shared it on social media. It has since gone viral, getting over 100 thousand views on Facebook alone

“This is why I love my job,” he wrote.

After Officer Fernandez and the girl were done dancing, she handed him a fake flower to show her appreciation. He tried to refuse it so that she could keep it, but she was insistent.

So he found another flower to give to her so she wouldn’t be without one.

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Many who have seen the video have commended the officer for including the little girl in the festivities, but he remains humble.

“We were just following the music and the moment,” he said. “She was just a sweetheart. I mean, I’ve never seen someone who could be so approachable and so sweet … she had a positive vibe.”

Based on the smile spread across her face in the video, there’s no doubt that the little girl thoroughly enjoyed dancing with Officer Fernandez, but it will also be a moment he will never forget.

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