PolitiFact Says Biden and Harris Never Distrusted COVID Vaccine - But We Have the Video


Once again, we’re fact-checking the fact-checkers.

Sounds ironic, right? It is, but we’ve come to expect PolitiFact to run interference for the left.

This time, the website is trying to cover for President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris by claiming that they never questioned the safety of COVID-19 vaccines. But we have video telling us otherwise.

The falsehood came from a fact check published by PolitiFact on Friday which asserted that Biden and Harris’ reservations about COVID vaccines were misconstrued and they were instead questioning then-President Donald Trump’s vaccine rollout.

“Tik Tok … Says Joe Biden and Kamala Harris distrusted COVID-19 vaccines,” the fact check stated.

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“A video on social media suggests that Biden and Harris distrusted COVID-19 vaccines. The video was selectively edited to leave out the context of their statements. Their full statements show they were raising doubts about Trump’s trustworthiness, his ability to roll out the vaccines safely and the risk of political influence over vaccine development. We rate the video False.”

But not everyone would buy PolitiFact’s excuse.

Fox News media reporter Joseph A. Wulfson fired back on Twitter, writing, “PolitiFact declares claims Biden, Harris distrusted COVID vaccine under Trump ‘false’ despite past rhetoric.”

Wulfson’s Fox News article attached to his tweet acknowledged that, yes, Biden and Harris were skeptical of vaccine safety and development specifically under the Trump administration.

Kamala Harris, as we all so “fondly” remember, even said during the vice presidential debate with then-Vice President Mike Pence, “If Donald Trump tells us that we should take it [the vaccine], I’m not taking it.”

She did say she would trust Dr. Anthony Fauci’s opinion, however.

Still, how was her — or Biden’s — skepticism of vaccines under Trump’s administration any different from skepticism surrounding the vaccine under their administration now?

For one, the Trump administration didn’t coerce anyone into taking the Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna vaccines upon their initial releases while he was still in office.

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Now that the tables have turned, we aren’t allowed to be skeptics.

But, back to the video.

RNC Research and GOP Deputy Communications Director Zach Parkinson tweeted a montage of Biden and Harris in the months leading up to the first vaccines — when Trump was still president, of course.

PolitiFact can say the video is edited all it wants, but it can’t convince us that much is true — especially when there are people, like myself, who remember these interviews and speeches from the time they were delivered.

“Who’s going to take the shot? Who’s going to take the shot? You going to be the first one to say, ‘Put me — sign me up, they now say it’s OK’?” Biden asked during one segment taken from a September interview.

Do you believe Biden and Harris' words were taken out of context?

“If and when the vaccine comes, it’s not likely to go through all the tests that need to be done, and the trials that are needed to be done,” he said in another segment.

Of course, there’s more, but you can watch the video for yourself to witness the breadth of Biden and Harris’ long-forgotten cynicism.

The irony of the matter is — it was okay to be a skeptic when Biden and Harris were doing it, but now that average citizens question the vaccine’s safety, the opinion is controversial, silenced, even.

Could this be another example of “rules for thee, but not for me” coming from the left?

PolitiFact might want to check its Truth-O-Meter.

It doesn’t seem to be working.

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