Prayer 76 Years in the Making Answered When Age 93 Woman Moves to Nursing Home


Transitioning your elderly parent to an assisted living home can be nerve-racking, especially when the move is over 2,000 miles!

In 2014, Carol Musterer was experiencing, first-hand, all of the stresses involved with moving her mother, who was 93 years old at the time.

Musterer’s mother, Clara Solar, lived in Guttenburg, New Jersey, before the move. Her main concern was that Solar would not have any friends once she moved.

Knowing that she couldn’t control anything, she did the only thing she knew to do. She prayed.

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The night before they spent the first day at The Arbors, Musterer simply prayed, “Dear Lord, just let Mom have one friend here that she could get to know.” She wanted her mother to enjoy living there and knew that at least one friend would be the answer.

As they sat down for dinner, Musterer began introducing her mother to the other women in the facility. She explained that Solar had moved all the way from New Jersey. That’s when Dorothy Nelius popped in!

Nelius explained that she, too, had moved from New Jersey in 1946.

As the two women continued to talk about their past, they realized that not only had they both lived in New Jersey at the same time, but that they had also worked in the same embroidery shop during World War II! They knew each other!

As teenagers, both Solar and Nelius worked at Solar Embroidery Finishing Company, making $22 per week. Nelius’ stepfather owned the shop and Solar was married to the manager.

Nelius called her sister, who had also worked with them in the embroidery shop to tell her the amazing news! “You won’t believe this, Clara’s here!” Nelius exclaimed to her sister on the phone.

Solar continued to live in New Jersey, but Nelius and her sister moved to San Diego through the WAVES program 76 years before their reunion. The friends did keep in contact over the years.

Nelius wrote Christmas cards to her friend annually, but never thought that they would see each other again.

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The two friends didn’t recognize each other at first because of how much they had aged, but they quickly picked their friendship back up. They were just so excited to be together again.

The two reminisced on old memories over an old photo of the workers at the shop and acted as if no time had passed at all.

Musterer was relieved and absolutely amazed. Not only had her simple prayer been answered, but it had already been answered before she had even said the words!

Musterer later told CBS 8, “Be careful what you wish for. Someone’s listening.”

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