The Queen Ordered Meghan Markle to Walk Behind Prince Harry in Public


By many accounts, Meghan Markle has been dreaming about entering the royal family for a long time now. She was even photographed in front of Kensington Palace during a school trip as a teenager.

Marrying into the royal family might look interesting and extravagant from the outside, but there’s more than meets the eye. There are several rules and customs Markle must adhere to now that she’s entering the family.

Prince Harry is schooling his future wife on some of these customs. Most of them include the boring stuff like how to address other royals in her presence.

A few rules took Markle by surprise, as a source told “Star Magazine” for their upcoming Feb. 5 publication. “Meghan understands she must have a different public persona now, [but] she was shocked at some of the restrictions,” the source said.

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“Don’t speak unless spoken to, and always let Harry respond first,” one of the rules stated. “Also, let him walk in front of you — no one likes a henpecked prince!”

Anyone would expect the royal family to have some public persona stipulations, but these are surprisingly strict. Markle was also told that she can’t use her cell phone in public or have public conversations that last more than two minutes.

Are the royal restrictions outdated?

Markle is especially unable to show frustration with anyone — especially Harry — in public. She can’t talk about dieting or fitness, or complain about how she feels.

“Do gaze adoringly at Harry,” another stipulation reportedly stated. “Your job is to make him look good!”

The future Duchess will also have to adjust the way she dresses. Those in the royal family are not permitted to wear any flashy clothing.

“She’s told friends she finds the rules hilarious,” the source told “Star.” “But no one in the royal family is laughing.”

We’ll see how seriously Markle takes these stipulations, and the possible consequences if she ignores them. Navigating royal customs looks like a minefield, and we can’t wait to find out how Harry’s future wife responds.

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