Race-Baiters Take 1 Look at GA Dep. of Correction's Christmas Card and Lose It


While it’s true all race-baiters and race hustlers are idiots, pretend black man Shaun King really takes the cake.

King, who as a reminder purports to be black despite evidence to the contrary, threw a fit Tuesday after the Georgia Department of Corrections published an otherwise benign and quite cheerful company photo to its Facebook page that showed staff members posing in a cotton field for the holidays.

“The Georgia Department of Corrections posed in a COTTON FIELD for their holiday photo,” King furiously informed his equally race-obsessed followers on Facebook.

Oh, the horror!

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Because of the intense outrage provoked by King’s unnecessary post, the GDC wound up deleting its photo and issuing an apology.

“The GDC has elected to remove the post of the Southeast Regional Division holiday photo,” it wrote Wednesday on Facebook. “The intention was to wish our followers a happy holiday, and we apologize if the picture itself or any of those comments were offensive to our users.”

Oh, for the love of Pete…

What happened here is a tragedy of epic proportions: The GDC was bullied into removing a perfectly acceptable holiday photo because it offended the sensibilities of people as deliriously ignorant as Shaun King.

To make matters worse, some in the “fake news” media have bought King’s false narrative hook, line and sinker, including Newsweek, which blasted the GDC even after it apologized, writing “the damage was already done.”

It further quoted Marilynn Winn, the executive director of Atlanta’s Women on the Rise, an organization that essentially lobbies on behalf of convicted criminals, to argue that the pic was disrespectful to black people.

According to the organization’s website, it supports efforts “to eliminate the ban on food stamps for those convicted of drug offenses.” It also believes women who commit crimes should not be locked up because “it can result in her losing her job.”

Dovetailing back to Winn, this is what she had to say to Newsweek: “Our criminal justice system is the modern embodiment of systematic racism and oppression that has plagued this country since its founding.”

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While her statement continues for a few more sentences, I’m going to stop right there, because this woman is clearly another race-hustling phony full of lies and innuendo about America’s criminal justice system.

Unfortunately, Yahoo News fell for the lies as well. But instead of slamming the GDC for perpetuating anti-black racism, it criticized it for ignoring the “(t)he association between cotton and racism.”

While it’s true slaves in the 17th and 18th centuries were forced to pick cotton, what does that have to do with either 2017 or the GDC?

Nothing, except for the fact that some people remain so obsessed with race that they see racism in the most innocuous things.

What’s next, huh? Will medicine bottles be forced to not include cotton packing because it also offends Shaun King?

Seriously, where does the grievance train end? At the rate we’re going, it seems it will never end, and I don’t think that’s good for America — or for race relations, at that.

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