Radical Left-Wing Prof Urges Humans To Go Extinct In Order To Fight Climate Change


The indoctrination of radical left-wing ideas in our schools is infecting the minds of our youth to the point where self-loathing is becoming the new ideal.

It started decades ago with the concept that straight, white, Christian males should despise themselves and take the blame for all of the world’s issues.

But with the new left-wing god of climate change, at least one professor believes the only solution is for humans to make themselves extinct.

Patricia MacCormack, who works at Anglia Ruskin University in the United Kingdom as a professor of continental philosophy, made the radical suggestion.

Her bio on the school’s website says that she “has published extensively in the areas of Continental philosophy, feminism, queer theory, posthuman ethics, animal studies and horror films.”

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“Her work has been cited and reviewed internationally resulting in many invites to HEIs to speak both to Faculty and public lectures.

“Her monographs CinesexualityPosthuman Ethics and The Animal Catalyst collection have been key reading on curricula internationally,” it says.

Sounds fantastic, doesn’t it? Don’t you just want to get your tuition checks written ASAP and have your children taught by this wacko?

In an interview with Cambridgeshire Live, MacCormack, who in a jar of mixed nuts would be the head cashew, discussed the ideas in her book “The Ahuman Manifesto.”

Do you think activists like this one have overtaken academia?

“I arrived at this idea from a couple of directions. I was introduced to philosophy due to my interest in feminism and queer theory, so reproductive rights have long been an interest to me – this led me to learn more about animal rights, which is when I became vegan,” she said.

“The basic premise of the book is that we’re in the age of the Anthropocene, humanity has caused mass problems and one of them is creating this hierarchal world where white, male, heterosexual and able-bodied people are succeeding, and people of different races, genders, sexualities and those with disabilities are struggling to get that.

“This is where the idea of dismantling identity politics comes in – they deserve rights not because of what they are, but because they are.

“The book also argues that we need to dismantle religion, and other overriding powers like the church of capitalism or the cult of self, as it makes people act upon enforced rules rather than respond thoughtfully to the situations in front of them,” she said.

This is what godlessness leads to. The idea that this rock we live on has a right to “live” but humanity, for which the rock was created by God, does not.

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“The central argument in The Ahuman Manifesto can be boiled down to this: mankind is already enslaved to the point of ‘zombiedom’ by capitalism, and because of the damage this has caused, phasing out reproduction is the only way to repair the damage done to the world,” the Cambridgeshire Live article read.

“Everyone’s okay with the ideas in the book until they’re told they’d have to act on it. There is a lot of agreement that these changes might work for the world, but when it imposes on people, it becomes proactive,” MacCormack said.

“Many people are surprised it’s so joyful and it has this radical compassion, which cares for the world. It’s not about our death, so much as it’s about celebrating the tools that exist to care for a decelerating Earth.”

Really, you moonbat? People are not excited about the idea of mass extinction of their own species? Who would have seen that coming?

If you think this is only one professor in some foreign nation that thinks like this then you should start watching your television and doing some reading on Twitter.

People worship the earth as if it is a god and humans, in our past, have made sacrifices to this false god.

It will only get more insane as time goes on if we do not do something to stop it. So rather than sterilizing yourselves, consider not sending your kids to indoctrination camps and paying top dollar to do it.

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Carmine Sabia is a political pundit, editor and writer and has been featured on various television and radio programs. He is a former professional wrestling promoter and real estate investor.
Carmine Sabia is a political pundit, editor and writer and has been featured on various television and radio programs. He is a former professional wrestling promoter and real estate investor.