Reason a Blank Egg Is Entered in Easter Egg Decorating Contest Will Leave You Roaring with Laughter


I am not an artistic person. I’m creative, but not artistic. I think I have found a healthy distinction between the two.

In middle school, my wonderfully creative (and wacky) art teacher challenged us to take a picture of something small and recreate it with paint in a larger scale. We laid a grid over the original photo and then drew a larger grid of the same ratio on our paper. The idea was that if you focus on replicating each small square, you will have a perfect large version of the original photo.

Easy right? There was only one problem … My 7th grade, Disney Channel-loving self chose Hillary Duff’s “Metamorphosis” album cover.

It was my favorite album at the time and since I saw it on my mp3 player every day, I thought it would be easy enough. In case you didn’t know, drawing or painting human faces, no matter how fabulous they may be, is no easy feat.

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Needless to say, I was VERY unsuccessful. It turned into a monumental moment for me. Whenever I think about picking up a paintbrush or pen for anything other than doodles or the occasional paint-by-number, I gently remind myself of how I disgraced Hillary Duff in middle school.

When Reddit user Pattmost20’s company held an egg decorating contest, he knew that he had no chance of winning based on his artistic abilities.

His creative solution, however, has people both applauding and laughing. It was just enough to win him 4th place out of roughly 15 submissions!

Pattmost20 posted a picture of his entry on Reddit saying, “My office held an Easter Egg decorating contest. I’m not artistically inclined…”

His egg was completely blank. There wasn’t a spot of paint on it!

Behind the egg, he printed out a card similar to the place cards you’d find in an art museum. He titled his piece “A Master Thesis in Minimalistic Design.”

The description underneath read, “As we stare into the blank abyss of whiteness that coats the egg’s surface, we are forced to look deep into our own souls, to discover what the vast blankness represents to us. Yet we are also forced to imagine what is missing, what could be filling the blank space. It is our own creative conscious that is the masterpiece.”

My office held an Easter Egg decorating contest. I’m not artistically inclined… from r/funny

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Other Reddit users have applauded him for his creative genius. “You may not be an artist in the painting sense, but you’re no slouch with words,” LoquaciousMendacious wrote.

While 4th place didn’t warrant a prize, Pattmost20 did say that the 3rd place winner was on a diet so he got to eat their prize. “So that was pretty cool,” he typed.

It looks like his healthy recognition of his lack of artistic talent married with his ingenious creativity paid off! Maybe our creative conscious really is the true masterpiece.

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