Recount Delayed Again as 'Stressed' Machines Break. Fraudsters Get Golden Opportunity


The state of Florida is rapidly becoming the laughingstock of the country, at least when it comes to elections.

Midterm elections across the nation may have taken place a week ago, but Americans are still waiting for results in several key Florida races after the vote-counting process devolved into chaos.

Broward County and Palm Beach County, both in the southeast corner of the state, are the focus of most of the controversy.

As we previously reported, at least three lawsuits have been filed and Broward County Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes has been accused of incompetence if not blatant vote-tampering in the county.

If that weren’t bad enough, another major headache has been added to the situation. According to investigative reporter Terri Parker of WPBF News, ballot-counting machines are breaking down right when they’re most crucially needed.

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“BREAKING: ballot counting machines break down in Palm Beach County – (Elections Supervisor) Susan Bucher says they have to rerun all early vote tallies in Senate Race – that already took them a day and a half to tally,” Parker posted on Twitter on Wednesday evening.

In a follow-up tweet, Parker stated that hundreds of thousands of votes will have to be recounted due to broken machines — and that’s if technicians can get the devices up and running.

“MORE DELAYS – PBC Elections Supervisor Susan Bucher says they’ve flown in mechanics to work on aging ballot counting machines that are stressed from recount & giving incorrect totals. All 179,000 early votes will have to be recounted,” the WPBF journalist stated.

“Incorrect totals” are the key words there. In other words, even the machines that are supposed to be more accurate and reliable than humans have been spitting out false numbers, turning the entire process into a giant mess.

It’s 2018. Americans landed on the moon nearly half a century ago. Why in the name of all that is holy can’t Florida accurately count votes in a routine election? There’s no way around the nagging feeling that rampant incompetence is at play, at least in many of these cases.

The delays are particularly alarming in light of reports that people like Snipes have been improperly feeding ineligible ballots into the mix, either out of ignorance or blatant bias.

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Do you trust the election results from South Florida?

Here’s the problem: The longer these delays drag on and the more confusion that exists, the larger the window for meddlers to taint the results.

Democracies and republics — the U.S. is, of course, a bit of both — depend on transparent, timely, and trustworthy elections.

Without them, corruption takes hold.

For all the hot air and hang-wringing from the left about “attacks on our democracy” allegedly coming from Russia and Donald Trump, the real attack on American democracy is happening right now … and it’s Democrat-linked election officials who have their fingerprints all over it.

If we can’t trust election results, then everything else falls apart.

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