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Rescue Chimp Reunited with Human Parents Who Helped Raise Him in Heartwarming Video


Many of us have grown up with pets as part of our lives. Whether we had a fish, a family dog or cat, or knew people who had pets, animals have been a major part of human lives for millennia.

There are different categories of animals, depending on our levels of interaction and use. There are the common household pets, livestock and farm animals, and wild animals.

The only way we get our domesticated pets is through generations of wild animals being bred to exhibit certain traits, but wild animals should be treated with respect.

Most people aren’t capable of caring for more demanding domesticated pets or wild animals, and there are plenty of cases recorded of abuse and neglect when someone procures an exotic pet without the means to really care for it.

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That’s why so many zoos, wildlife centers and animal parks are so careful with their charges. Not only is everyone watching them closely, they have a burden to educate the public about the animals they put on display.

The Zoological Wildlife Foundation in Miami has fans and foes. They have animal ambassadors and allow guests to get up close and personal with their inhabitants.

This causes concern for many, since there are people who believe wild animals should not be in captivity at all, or at least should not be paraded around and only given human companions.

Limbani is a young chimpanzee at ZWF. The adorable primate has quite a following. Chimps are already rather human-like, but this little guy has a lot of human behaviors: he washes his hands, takes showers, and wears diapers and kids’ clothing.

But he had a difficult start. The reason he was not raised by a chimp was because his mother rejected him at birth.

Limbani contracted pneumonia and it was only through the perseverance and care of dedicated individuals at ZWF that he was able to pull through.

Jorge and Tania, a husband/wife duo, helped shoulder the responsibility of taking care of him in those early days. And little Limbani remembers.

Animals are very aware of friends and foes, and if people had been unkind to him he would remember that. But Limbani is nothing short of ecstatic when he sees his old friends, and the wildlife foundation has shared a video of him that is tugging at viewers’ heartstrings.

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“The pure excitement and joy when Limbani sees our close friends can only be appreciated if watched and heard,” ZWF wrote on a Facebook post.  “Limbani, who was born with pneumonia was rejected by the mother. Without human intervention and modern medicine he wouldn’t been here today.”

“Tania and Jorge can go without seeing him for a couple months and his reaction is always the same. Limbani by far is the most loved of the entire ZWF family.”

Of course, young animals are generally more amenable and cute. As they get bigger, they start to become less predictable and need more space.

Hopefully Limbani will lead a happy, healthy, well-adjusted life, surrounded by human and animal friends. He clearly loves the ones he’s made so far!

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