Riley Gaines Obliterates KJP's Response to Question About Men in Women's Sports: 'Slapping Us Across the Face'


Championship NCAA swimmer Riley Gaines dismantled Karine Jean-Pierre after the White House press secretary said Tuesday that criticizing men in women’s sports is “dangerous.”

Gaines had the misfortune of not only competing against transgender swimmer Lia Thomas but also was exposed to his genitals in a locker room last year.

Since working her entire life, only to lose to that man and later be forced to see him nude, Gaines has made it her mission to defend spaces for women and girls in sports.

She went on the offensive Tuesday evening after she came across a clip of Jean-Pierre telling a reporter there is no longer a debate about whether female spaces are sacred.

The press secretary went as far as to portray critics of men in women’s sports as harmful.

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During her daily media briefing on Tuesday, a male reporter asked Jean-Pierre how President Joe Biden feels about parents who are afraid for their daughters.

“What would the President say to the parents out there who have daughters — say, in high school, for example — who are worried that their daughter may have to compete against a male, or a person born male, and there could be or directly in physical athletic competition — and worry about their daughter’s safety?” the reporter asked.

Jean-Pierre did not answer the question but rather attacked its premise.

“So, look, what you’re alluding to is basically saying that transgender kids are dangerous,” she said. “It sounds like that’s what you’re saying.”

After the reporter repeated his question, Jean-Pierre scolded him.

“You’re laying out a kind of broad example or explanation of what could potentially happen,” she said.

She concluded, “That is dangerous. That is a dangerous thing to say. That, essentially, transgender kids — we’re talking about — are dangerous.”

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While the debate about men in women’s sports might be settled in Jean-Pierre’s mind, Gaines let her have it.

She shared the clip on Twitter and commented, “When they say ‘inclusion,’ just know they really mean ‘exclusion.’”

Gaines concluded, “The message this sends to ALL women is that our safety doesn’t matter. Nor does our privacy, our fairness, our equal opportunities, or our dignity. The misogyny is slapping us across the face.”

The 12-time NCAA champion has previously described how it felt to be violated by sharing a locker room with Thomas last year.

“Of course, in the locker room, especially, it’s awkward. It’s embarrassing. It’s, again, it’s this feeling of, the best word to describe it is traumatic,” Gaines said last month during testimony before lawmakers, The Washington Examiner reported.

Gaines added, “No one protected us. No one stood up for us, and so, that’s exactly why I’m doing what I’m doing.”

Countless women and girls have since been exposed to men in their competitions and in their locker rooms.

The official White House position is to evade their parents’ valid concerns and try to gaslight them into being quiet about the issue.

While Democrats try to portray critics of the toxic gender ideology as extreme, threatening or even violent, this is a war they will not win. Not as long as brave women such as Riley Gaines continue to contribute to the discussion.

This is a battle only women can fight on their own behalf.

As of now, Gaines is the tip of the spear.

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