Robber Figures Calif. Man an Easy Victim, Instantly Meets Shotgun Man Had Waiting


When Moana LogoLogo — yes, that is his name — kicked in the door of an apartment home in Merced, California, he likely wasn’t expecting much in terms of resistance from the occupants — it is California after all.

He was wrong, and he lost his life for it.

Authorities report LogoLogo found himself staring down the barrel of a shotgun after he kicked down the apartment door. He was quickly shot, according to KFSN.

Emergency services arrived at the scene and took LogoLogo to the hospital. He eventually died from his injury.

Authorities are calling the event an instance of self-defense.

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“It appears he was truly in fear for his life and was protecting his life in his own home,” Lt. Don King said of the man who defended himself, according to KFSN.

“He said he didn’t know who this individual was. He was fearful and has been very cooperative with individuals involved in this case.”

There’s little surprise in a smart, responsibly-armed homeowner being able to take down a bad guy, especially when said bad guy is dumb enough to go to an armed citizen’s home turf.

There a bit of surprise, however, when such an incident happens in California, arguably the most gun-hating state in the union. Heck, there are probably a few politicians in the state who would insist the occupant use their weapon as a club.

It’s absolutely welcome news.

California’s future in terms of Second Amendment freedoms and their expansion looks bleak. However, freedom-loving Californians have two rays of hope to look to:

1. Challenges to bizarre, arbitrary rules made by California’s insane legislature and moonbat governor Jerry Brown will be upheld by courts.

2. Those in California who are responsibly-armed will keep doing what they do best — staying active and prepared to defend their freedoms.

The longer the list of instances in which a Californian successfully defends their home from attack with reasonable force, the better.

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For our friends in California, keep the faith. We’ve got your back.

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