Rules for Thee but Not for Me: Dem Sen. Feinstein Caught on Video Maskless


In another glaring example of left-wing hypocrisy, Sen. Dianne Feinstein was caught on video Tuesday not wearing a mask or social distancing while speaking to what appeared to be an aide in a Capitol Hill hallway.

This is especially noteworthy because at age 87, the California Democrat is among those at the highest risk of suffering complications from or dying of the coronavirus if she gets infected.

Feinstein’s actions also contrast sharply with her rabid calls for a national mask mandate.

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“[C]ountries that are successfully controlling this virus require masks. So why doesn’t the United States have a national mask mandate?” Feinstein sanctimoniously fumed in July.

“Wearing masks in public should be mandatory. Period,” she said in a statement at the time. “This is a matter of life or death.”

Feinstein is so adamant everyone wear a mask in public that she threatened to propose banning states that don’t impose a mask mandate from receiving coronavirus-related federal relief funds.

“Several states including California, Alabama and Montana already require masks in public,” she said in the statement. “This should be universal.”

Do you think Feinstein is a hypocrite?

This is not the first time that Feinstein has apparently broken her own rules about masks. In September, the California Democrat was captured on camera walking at Dulles International Airport without a mask.

In so doing, Feinstein mirrored the actions of fellow California Democrat Nancy Pelosi, 80.

The previous month, the House speaker ignited volcanic backlash after she was caught on video without a mask while walking around a San Francisco hair salon.

Not only did Pelosi not wear a mask, but she violated a coronavirus shutdown of local businesses that was in effect at the time.

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These hypocritical actions have enraged many Americans, with plenty of people realizing that the most vocal proponents of coronavirus restrictions are often the ones who violate them the most cavalierly.

Meanwhile, the debate over the effectiveness of masks continues to rage.

A recent Danish mask study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine suggested that “the recommendation to wear a surgical mask when outside the home … did not reduce, at conventional levels of statistical significance, the incidence of SARS-CoV-2 infection in mask wearers in a setting where social distancing and other public health measures were in effect, mask recommendations were not among those measures, and community use of masks was uncommon.”

In summing up the study’s results, Dr. James Todaro, a physician, noted on Twitter that “in the largest randomized controlled trial to date w/6,024 subjects, medical masks were NOT effective protection against infection.”

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