Sabo Back at It Again With Message for Hollywood Elites Finally Taking a Stand Against Sex Assault


Calm, logical arguments certainly have their place in persuasion… but so does mockery and parody.

That’s exactly what the street artist known as Sabo is using to call out pandering leftists, and he’s taking aim directly at the Hollywood elite.

As A-listers arrived at the Golden Globes over the last weekend, they were greeted by some subversive artwork meant to shame celebrities who knew about sexual predators like Harvey Weinstein, but have only decided to “bravely” speak out now that the jig is up.

“Photos posted on social media show the art, which consists of several pieces including a mock poster featuring this year’s Globes host, late-night host Seth Meyers, as well as a fake ‘Stop’ sign that urges a stop to ‘Pedophiles,’ ‘Perverts,’ and ‘Rapists,'” reported Breitbart News.

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“The art also includes a bench that had been modified to include a photo of disgraced film producer Harvey Weinstein dressed as a god-like figure, an apparent reference to actress Meryl Streep calling the producer ‘God’ during an acceptance speech at the 2012 Golden Globes,” continued the news outlet.

This year’s Golden Globes had a decidedly different tone. Instead of praising the alleged sex abuser, celebrities at the 2018 awards ceremony pretended to suddenly hold the moral high ground, and worshiping Weinstein was replaced with fawning adoration for Oprah Winfrey.

What better way to replace a false god than with a false goddess?

Hollywood, of course, has acted shocked and outraged to “discover” sexual deviance in its midst. Acting is, after all, what Tinseltown does best.

The reality is that there is staggering evidence that much of the entertainment elite knew about the abuses by Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, and many others, yet kept the secret hidden because they didn’t want to harm precious box office receipts — or political donations.

That’s why Sabo’s satirical mockery was right on target: Like the best art, it spoke the truth and called out the deep hypocrisy found in modern society.

It’s not the first time the cultural critic has lampooned the left, either. Sabo has previously mocked talk show blow-hard and Trump hater Jimmy Kimmel, after the host cried crocodile tears on television to support gun control.

Then there were the times that the street artist poked fun at Caitlyn Jenner and Hillary Clinton, using parodies and cultural commentary to spark conversations.

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There are few things that the American people dislike more than sanctimonious celebrities and insincere moral grandstanding.

Yet that’s exactly what Oprah and the self-congratulating Golden Globes delivered on Sunday: An auditorium of actors, masters of the make-believe, pretending that they had nothing to do with years of sexual assault and immorality in Hollywood and suddenly declaring themselves to be the new voices of righteousness and absolution.

It’s as transparent and disingenuous as it is hilarious — and cultural critics like Sabo aren’t going to let them get away with it.

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