Samaritans Stand Guard for Nearly 40 Minutes To Save Dog Dangling from Balcony


Keeping dogs in apartments comes with its own set of cautions. When living spaces are tightly packed together, you want to make sure both you and your dog(s) are being good neighbors and that you’re being a responsible pet owner.

Since most apartments don’t come with yards, pups are often let out onto the balconies when the weather’s nice — but as with everything, some level of supervision is necessary.

While many dogs will behave themselves and stay put, balconies really aren’t good places to leave dogs for an extended period of time. Balconies often have no or little shelter from the elements, are raised to a dangerous height, and may not have the sturdiest railing.

One group of bystanders almost witnessed a horrible scene when a small dog managed to wiggle his way through the railing of a balcony that was three stories high.

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“His hind legs were what was holding him up there and he was bracing with his front paws and he was dangling there for so long and every time he would move everyone was gasping,” said Terlisa Perry, who filmed the video.

“Everybody’s hearts were just racing and beating and pounding,” he told WFLA. “We were just so terrified this dog was going to fall to its death.”

And for good reason: The dog was perched above concrete. If it had fallen and no one had been there, the outcome would have been very different.

“Dogs’ lives matter, too,” Perry continued. “They called 911 two or three times asking them what was taking them so long to get here. Dogs’ lives matter, too. Y’all need to hurry up and get here.”

“I’m just thankful that God placed them in the right place at the right time and they were able to save this dog successfully.”

“I honestly couldn’t believe we caught the dog,” said Frank Ellison, who had also been on the scene. “It was like something out of the movie or something. I didn’t think that would happen to me in 100 years.”


“It was terrifying,” he continued. “It would have fell. It probably would have been fatal.”

Thanks to the quick actions of some good Samaritans and a trusty sheet, the pup fell to safety. It was taken to a vet’s to be checked out.

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Meanwhile, the owners have not been located or identified. Hopefully they’ll either show up for this pup and be more careful, or the dog will go to someone who can take better care of it.

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