Sen. Hirono Thinks the Public Is Too Dumb To Understand the Mueller Report Without Dem Help


Hawaii Sen. Mazie Hirono says that a new impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump would help Americans visualize the Mueller report’s findings.

Or lack thereof, as we all know by now, the special counsel investigation — headed up by Robert Mueller — found zip, zilch, nada. No dice.

With more petty calls for impeachment with zero supporting evidence, Hirono should be able to visualize herself working at a McDonald’s pretty soon.

As The Washington Times noted, during an interview on CNN’s “New Day,” Hirno said, “We need to focus our entire country on what happened.”

“This is why I think that we should open an impeachment inquiry so we can get on with telling the public what really happened because the public is not going to read a 400-page report, as so many people have said,” Hirono stated.

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Then she really got condescending.

“They need to watch the movie because they’re not going to read the book.”

In other words, she’s doesn’t think her fellow citizens are capable of thinking in a free and objective manner and wants to ensure the thoughts of Americans are regulated to be in line with the Democrat agenda.

Well, we’re glad she’s announcing an upcoming wave of propaganda before it takes us by surprise.

Do you think Democrats look down on "regular" voters?

Thank you, Sen. Hirono?

“I think we would do a service to our country if we talk about it and shine a light and educate the public, Americans, on what’s in that report particularly as far as his efforts to obstruct justice, which I think is pretty clear,” she said.

It seems Hirono wants to ignore the last two months of discussion over the public findings of the special counsel, in which President Donald Trump was effectively vindicated from a two-year witch-hunt.

Check out the interview here. The impeachment discussion starts about the 1:50 mark.

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The Hawaii senator captioned the Twitter post: “We should open an impeachment inquiry so we can get on with telling the public what really happened. We would be doing a service to our country if we talk about, shine a light, and educate America on @realDonaldTrump’s efforts to obstruct justice.”

These desperate comments come in the wake of the Democratic party splitting up into two factions — those who want impeachment now and those who want more investigations.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler is making an effort to begin a formalized impeachment process, but House Speaker Nancy Pelosi diverted from impeachment talk specifically and stated that she simply wants Trump “in prison,” according to a Politico report.

The Democratic Party’s entire campaign to impeach Trump is based on liberal bitterness and anger at him winning the 2016 election. You’d think after several years that they’d be over it by now.

And if they keep up this ongoing temper tantrum, Democrats can expect another rout in 2020.

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