He Sets Up Hidden Camera To Catch Thief, Finds Naughty Crow Going to Town on His Lunch


Leftovers are an interesting thing. It’s a true sign of an affluent society when there’s so much food at one meal that we can’t quite finish it.

And, really, what are packed lunches and meal prepped meals other than leftovers made on purpose? For most people, food is food, so as long as it’s still edible, it’s still enjoyed.

Woe to you if you dip into someone else’s leftovers or lunch, though. There’s nothing that spurs roommate or coworker rivalries quite like deciding to snap up food that is not yours.

This phenomenon has led to all sorts of amusing precautions and passive-aggressive retaliations.

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You can write your name on your food, or leave a detailed description of exactly what’s in the container and the fact that you’ll be looking to make sure that no one helped themselves.

Ignoring such labels will only escalate the situation, as in many cases the type of people who tend to pack their own lunches and get them stolen are usually also the sort to bring down verbal fire if stolen from.

But I mean, if someone steals your food, that’s a compliment to your lunch-prepping skills, right?

One guy was wondering who was stealing from his lunch bag, but no one was fessing up. So he decided to set a trap and find out, once and for all, who was guilty.

He put a camera in his truck, facing through the back window and into the bed, where his padded lunch cooler and a construction hat were placed.

When he saw who was caught on film, he was surprised — the thief was a bird! A crow (or a Raven — the foggy view makes it hard to tell).

Both crows and ravens are very intelligent animals, and can be trained to complete many tasks. They particularly like shiny objects, and will keep extensive collections of “borrowed” items.

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This bird was smart, too. He flew to the tailgate, eyed the bag, then hopped onto it and tugged at the lid.

After a bit of tugging, the bag opened up, and he fished around to find what he was looking for.

First, he pulled out a small container of food, but he tossed it aside. Clearly not what he was looking for.

He rummaged around again until he came up with what looked like a sauce packet — a sauce packet? Maybe he had a hamburger somewhere that he needed to dress up.

Fortunately the solution to this guy’s problem was simple: he could just keep the bag in the cab of the truck. But he should probably keep an eye out, because a bird that smart might go for keys next!

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