Single Mom in Tears after Neighbor Sends Her Hateful Postcard. But Neighbor Doesn't Know Truth


One person from Colorado went to the extreme when sharing some hurtful words with a single mom. And instead of being considerate or addressing their concerns in a balanced, professional manner, they used a cowardly method that allowed them to hide behind anonymity.

Denver resident Ayrielle lives in a neighborhood called Harvey Park. She loves living there with her son and mother for a number of reasons.

“Harvey Park is a great neighborhood, it’s got great schools, great people, it’s filled with a lot of different activities, like the Harvey Park festival, libraries that have all kinds of kids programs,” said Ayrielle.

That’s why the single mother was shocked to receive a nasty postcard in her mailbox.

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The postcard says all sorts of nasty things, even attacking Ayrielle’s character. For some reason, the sender was disgusted at the single mom’s lawn.

“Your yard is an embarrassment to the neighborhood,” read the postcard. Ayrielle could not believe what she was reading.

She took to Facebook to share what her thoughts were about the hurtful words. She explained why she was so upset by what was written.

The words on the postcard could not have been more wrong. Ayrielle is a hardworking single mom who works three jobs to stay afloat.

Her salaries provide for herself, her mother, and her son. Not only that, but both her mother and her son have mental and physical disabilities.

Ayrielle’s 3-year-old son has autism, while her mother is both blind and deaf. That only leaves Ayrielle to work and take care of everything around the house.

The 24-year-old also fights battles of her own. She struggles with depression and an eating disorder.

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It broke Ayrielle’s heart that someone could form an opinion of her without actually knowing her. The sender of the postcard has no idea what Ayrielle’s real story is.

When Ayrielle’s neighbors saw what she had posted on Facebook, they were just as outraged. They organized a group to spend a day helping the single mom get her lawn in shape.

While it is disappointing to see the hatred contained in this postcard, the actions of Ayrielle’s neighbors helped to counteract it. Remember that words hurt, but you can always do things to show people that they are loved.

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