Somebody Leaves Vehicle Running at Protest Demanding Reduced Penalty for Carjackers - Watch What Happens Next


A left-wing rally in support of reduced penalties for carjackers in Washington, D.C. was disrupted this week after a man attempted a carjacking in broad daylight.

To clarify, no, this is not a scene from an episode of “Seinfeld.”

This gem of comedic gold actually happened in our nation’s crime-riddled capital Wednesday afternoon outside of Union Station.

The National Desk, owned by the Sinclair Broadcast Group, reported a group called Hands Off DC held a rally outside the station to share its anger at the U.S. Senate.

Lawmakers were voting to reverse a rogue city council move that would have overhauled D.C.’s criminal code to be more friendly to criminals.

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The so-called progressive reforms were so extreme that 33 Senate Democrats actually joined Republicans in the chamber to block them from going into effect. Even President Joe Biden supported overturning the insane reforms.

Biden or whoever runs his Twitter account actually cited lax treatment for carjackers in a tweet about the issue last week.

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The Hill noted, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell also commented on carjackings while he announced his opposition to the city’s insane policies, which specifically call for more leniency for carjackers.

“Carjackings and car thefts have become a daily routine,” McConnell said.

Long story short, the D.C. city council lost its bid to make getting away with stealing cars easier for people, and protesters were very upset about that.

But as they made their voices heard, someone right in front of Union Station tried to steal a car that was left running by a delivery driver.

Freelance journalist Andrew Leyden caught the ironic moment on video and posted it on his Twitter account.

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“I come out of Union Station and walk into an [attempted] car robbery,” Leyden wrote. “Delivery driver left [the] car running and guy jumped in. Another person saw it and called over cop. Robber fled off, running past the D.C. Criminal Reform protest outside (seriously).”

The video shows a man exiting a vehicle when a bystander yells, “That’s my car!”

No arrests were made.

Hands Off DC is vocal online about its radical agenda for the city.

A thorough search of the group’s website and presence on social media unearthed no comments about the attempted carjacking that occurred during its pro-carjacker rally.

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