Special Needs Girl Brokenhearted After Tricycle Stolen, 'Good Citizen' Returns it to Cops


Kids generally have a rosy view of the world. Until they face the harsh realities of greed and suffering, they tend to stay innocent and blissfully unaware of the darker sides of life.

It’s a hard learning curve when kids experience loss, especially in the form of a family member or beloved pet, but also if someone steals something precious from them.

Adara Ledet, a 12-year-old with a condition called pachygyria, almost experienced that earlier this week when someone stole her wheels.

Struggling with mental, speech and physical disabilities, Adara loved her custom-made tricycle. It was designed just for her, and kept her secure and comfortable while allowing her freedom that she couldn’t experience any other way.

“It’s basically a big three-wheeler,” Adara’s mother, Georgina Ledet, said. “It’s got a seatbelt. It’s got a string around the back so they can’t tip over.”

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The trike was also decked out with a safety flag and a license plate with her name on it, so everyone knew whose it was.

When the family was getting ready to go on a camping trip, they loaded the bike up on a trailer. But they were careful — they locked it in and covered it with a tarp, too.

The trailer was left next to their RV over the weekend on a storage lot that was fenced and secure at night, so they thought nothing of it. On the morning they wanted to leave, though, it was gone.

“It was heartbreaking when we realized the bike was gone and we started thinking what has this world come to,” Georgina said.

How would they explain to their daughter that her tricycle was gone? Who would steal from a disabled child?

Even the police department was outraged by the heartless act. “You will have a special place in hell,” Police Chief Randy Fandal warned the unknown thief on a television interview.

Fortunately, by Tuesday, an anonymous person came forward with the bike. Fandal reported on the recovery.

“A good citizen came forward today and recovered the bike for us,” he said. “He got the bike for us and brought it back.”

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“We’re just thankful,” Georgina said. “(Adara) really seems to understand that it had gone missing so she will be able to get back on it again and you know just keep going.”

“It’s just amazing that so many people were willing to step up and I just hope all those people will consider donating to an organization that makes special needs bikes and get them to the kids that need them,” she said.

“We are extremely happy to have the bike returned,” Fandal said. “Everything else is secondary at this point, but we will still be pushing forward with this investigation.”

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