Strangers Risk Their Lives for Age 2 Girl Dangling from Balcony After Left Home Alone


It was a horrifying, heart-stopping sight that was like something you’d see in a movie. But this was real life and a child was in terrible danger.

Witnesses saw a 2-year-old girl fall out of a fourth-floor balcony window. Miraculously, her fall was stopped by a third-floor glass canopy.

But according to Inside Edition, the condition of the Hangzhou, China, residential building’s canopy was “decrepit.”

Just like in the movies, the glass was breaking beneath the weight of the small child and time was running out.

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It was then that two complete strangers leaped into action. The men, identified as Long Chunqun and He ran for the girl’s apartment but the door was locked.

Long Chunqun discovered the door of the apartment next door was open, so he ran inside and out onto the balcony. Risking his own life, he tried to pull the girl to safety but could not.

The man identified as He jumped to Long Chunqun’s aid, grabbing onto his legs so the girl could be reached. The pair were able to pull the girl to safety before the glass completely shattered.

No one knows how the girl initially got out the balcony window. What is known is that she was apparently left home alone in a locked apartment.

There was no word at the time of the initial media reporting as to the condition of the child. There was also no word as to whether her parents were located or if she was removed from their custody.

It was good for all involved that He and Long Chunqun, “who owns a store on the street level of the building” were so willing to risk their own lives to help a child. Otherwise, this story could have had a very different and tragic ending.

According to a PDF from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the decision as to when it is safe to leave a child home alone involves numerous factors.

These include the length of time, time of day, safety of the home and safety of the neighborhood.

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It is stressed that the abilities of the child to care for herself and to know what to do in case of emergencies are paramount.

Role-playing with the child and regularly checking in can help create a safe experience for everyone.

Most people would hesitate to leave a young child home, especially a child as young as 2 years old.

We hope that wherever this little girl is, that she is safe now and won’t be climbing out more windows any time soon.

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