Stray Dog Who Found Injured Cyclist & Refused To Leave His Side Has Been Adopted


For centuries, dogs have been our protectors and companions. While plenty of breeds are pretty easy-going and friendly, there are some that are a bit more protective.

That may not be as useful as it once was, but the presence of a dog will still deter many would-be burglars. A dog’s senses are much more sensitive than ours, and they can detect things that we cannot, way before we can.

So it makes sense that having a dog around would make you feel more safe. If someone or something is sneaking around, they’re going to know it first, and they’ll usually warn you.

Plus, there’s the cuddling aspect: these days we just like to snuggle with our pups, but if you ever go camping or are cold and your dog is next to you, you realize they make pretty good space heaters, too.

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Marion Ion, a 40-year-old cyclist, discovered that when he was cycling through Mount Semenic, Romania.

He took a spill at twilight, and couldn’t get up. There was nothing around him but the woods, which were quickly getting darker.

At some point, while Ion was waiting for help, he wrapped himself up in a blanket to conserve body heat — he was already injured, and getting hypothermia would only make matters worse.

Plus, who knew what was lurking in those woods? Isn’t that how horror stories start?

Apparently, one of the creatures lurking in the woods was a great big dog. When he saw Ion, he worked his way over to the man — and sat down on the blanket with him.

“When I left the bike, he came after me. I called him slowly, ‘come on, come on,'” Ion said. “I named him Squares.”

“He stayed, just stayed, saw that I was not leaving, and came next to me and stayed on the blanket.”

The two must have bonded quickly, because the stray dog immediately attached himself to Ion. When help finally arrived and Ion was loaded into the ambulance, his new furry friend tried to get in, too, determined not to leave his side.

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“The ambulance came and he jumped in the ambulance with me,” Ion related. “He was next to my feet, but the police took him.”

Even after being shooed away, “Squares” was not so easily discouraged. He continued to follow Ion, running after the ambulance as it carted his human friend away.

Fortunately, though he was not able to stay with Ion, someone else heard his story and had compassion on him. Ionut Mihai Popovici, vice president of a county council, took in the large dog and renamed him “Max.”

“He was a hero, considering that he kept him company and warmed that man,” said a woman who works with a nearby rescue. “I said he deserves more than to be left in the woods.”

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