Stunning Photos Show What Fall Looks Like From Space


While the debate over which season is the best will continue for generations to come, it is hard to deny the pleasures of fall: a crisp coolness in the air signaling it’s time for sweater weather, the start of football season, warm apple cider (or pumpkin spice lattes) and colorful autumn leaves covering the landscape.

The latter, for those fortunate to live in an area with deciduous trees, transforms the world around us into a tapestry of rich reds, vibrant oranges, crisp yellows and bright greens.

Many people travel to spend time in these areas through the fall season.

In New England, for example, people will spend hours on the road to “leaf-peep” — “visiting fall fairs, farms, and festivals in small villages and rural areas while admiring the brilliant colors of the season.”

And while being up close to such splendor is beautiful — and fun, who doesn’t love to jump into and romp through crunching leaves? — new photos have been released that allow the world to experience fall foliage in a stunning way.

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Fox Weather reported that satellite images from NASA’s Earth Observatory program had been released, showing hundreds of square miles of colorful trees.

While the summer may have been dry and harsh in most areas, which in turn caused many places to have fewer vibrant leaves this year, the Adirondack Mountains in New York appear to have avoided the dullness, according to Kathryn Hansen of NASA’s Earth Observatory.

A photo taken by Landsat 9 on Oct. 8, displays the beauty of the this area.

More photos from Elizabethtown and North Hudson, New York, showcase the splendor of the fall. These two towns are located in the largest state park in the contiguous United States, Adirondack Park, which covers about one-sixth of New York.

Obviously, the colors of fall are not just isolated to the northeastern United States.

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NASA Earth tweeted a satellite video on Nov. 15, showing central Mali’s transformation from brown to green.

Thankfully, we are fortunate enough to experience this transformation every year, which NASA’s satellites have been able to capture.

The video below highlights the autumn changes in Russia last year.

A photo released in October 2020 shows the fall coverage begin to set in throughout Minnesota, Michigan and Wisconsin.

In 2018, the observatory compiled captivating images of leaf changes from around the world, including China, Romania and Sweden.

How truly blessed we are to be able to experience this change annually — whether we hike through the forests or gaze at breathtaking images taken from space.

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