Breathtaking Video Shows Autumn Foliage in Vermont from Aerial View


People are strange in many ways, if you think about it. We build up water-proof shelters that keep us safe from nature and the elements, and then we invite select natural elements back in.

Even better, we invite fake versions of natural items into our homes. Look around at any store you go to during this time and you’ll see it.

Pumpkins. Everywhere. Dried ears of corn, gourds and acorns. Lots of those are real, but look at the wreaths and arrangements. Fake leaves, fake branches, so that we can hold on to a sense of the seasonal beauty without having to deal with the eventual decay.

There’s a lot that’s practical about that. Who wants garlands of real leaves that start to crumble and flake all over the clean carpet? If you’ve held onto a real pumpkin too long, you know about the less-than-appealing sludge that results.

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But getting to appreciate the seasons while immersed in nature… that has to be one of the best ways to experience fall.

There’s nothing quite like decompressing in a quiet place, surrounded only by brilliant colors and greenery, and letting go of the stress we accumulate in our fast-paced lives.

Have you ever seen foliage this vibrant?

For those of us who can’t get out, or don’t live close to places with a “real” autumn, there are other ways to soak in the rich reds and vibrant oranges.

With the use of drones, we’ve found another way to bring nature into our lives: Now, more than ever before, we can experience a bird’s-eye view of beautiful landscapes.

A video of the breathtaking scenery in Ogden’s Valley, Utah, went viral earlier this month, as the valley put on display a whole rainbow of colors, including some that we might not necessarily associate with fall.

Now Vermont is vying for a position as “most photogenic.” Green Mountain DIY Guy posted a video highlighting the local colors on YouTube, stating “I am so EXCITED to share this video with you all of you! Lots of time and effort to make this beauty highlighting my favorite Vermont season — Fall.”

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“Thanks for watching, please share on YouTube. Be sure to watch in 4K. Vermont is truly a spectacular place to visit and live.”

He explained that the towns in the video included Fairfield, Enosburgh, St. Albans, Bakersfield, and Montgomery — and it’s easy to see why fall is his favorite season there!

Do you have a favorite location for soaking up the season?

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