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Sweet Kitty Can't Stand Moment Little Girl Breaks Down Crying, Comforts Her with Tiny Paw


Dogs are generally known as the comforters of the animal kingdom.

They’ve gotten close to us as a species and have learned to live with us and, to an extent, read us.

If you’ve ever had a bad day and been near a perceptive dog, they can sense that something is off.

Sometimes they’ll just sit with you or lean against you to give you comfort.

Cats, on the other hand, often have the reputation of being jerks.

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They swat things off counter tops, are more standoffish and are generally quite alright watching you have a meltdown from a distance.

But there are some cats who are gentle souls and seek to comfort struggling individuals, both human and animal.

Take this cat, for instance. The dog was at the vet’s office and the two had never met before, but the cat works a paw through the bars to softly pat the dog’s head as if reassuring it.

Are your cats comforting creatures?

It’s a rare sight, especially since so many dogs take poorly to cats, but a bond between the two species is possible.

Here to perpetuate the comforting kitties trend is Hima, a Russian Blue who can’t bear to hear her owner crying.

According to a YouTube video by Hardik’s Offbeat, Hima is from Japan and the little girl had hurt her foot on a chair.

Hearing the girl crying, Hima went over to her and rested against the girl’s shoulder, nuzzling her and extending a paw of kindness.

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She meowed a raspy meow and climbed onto the girl’s chest, where she continued to keep her little owner company.

So sweet! Are your cats this loving?

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