Terrorist Attack on Prince Harry & Meghan Markle: Opening of Letter Filled with 'Anthrax'


Recent events on Feb. 12 have struck horror into the hearts of those walking the streets of London.

Many began to fear for the safety of the beloved lovebirds of the royal family as word spread about what happened at Kensington Palace.

When a letter and package arrived at the Palace addressed to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, protocol required both to be checked before going through the royal family’s security team.

But what examiners found inside immediately raised an alarming red flag.

The letter contained a racist message, the context of which has not been released. But the more terrifying content inside the letter was a white powder of unknown origin.

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Specialists were immediately rushed in. Scotland Yard also launched an investigation that is currently ongoing.

Although the letter was interceded before reaching the royal couple, they remained, understandably, plagued with anxiety.

They awaited the news from the specialist to learn if the white powder really was deadly anthrax, which would label the event as not a cruel joke, but an actual terrorist attempt of ending both of their young lives.

An update has revealed that after arriving at St. James’s Palace for sorting, the mysterious powder was analyzed be officers from the Metropolitan Police’s counter-terrorism command. The result? It was found to be harmless.

Despite the powder being of a non-toxic nature, the real horror emerged when police confessed what had happened just one day prior at Parliament.

A package containing the same white powder was delivered to the office of Home Secretary Amber Rudd, and was also found to be harmless.

Police are now examining whether the two incidents are linked. No arrests have been made.

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In light of these recent events, increased security measures have been taken by those sworn to protect the Royal Family.

As the day of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s May wedding inches closer and closer, pressure levels continue to rise — and so does the fear of the horrors that day could possibly hold.

If the potential threats from obsessed individuals and terrorists remain unresolved, not even police can predict what may happen the day the couple says ‘I Do.’

Thankfully, in this case, they remain unharmed, and continue to look forward to the bright future before them.

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