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Monster Covers Cat in Duct Tape & Dumps Him. Rescuer Breaks Down in Tears Telling Story on Camera


It was a hot day in Arizona when Taylor Waltrip saw something she would never forget stumble into her yard.

A cat found its way through the fence, but as Taylor looked closer, she could not believe her eyes.

The cat had been covered in duct tape. In the middle of the mess of tape was a sign with two words that broke her heart: “FREE CAT.”

Taylor brought the cat inside and tried to remove the tape, but was unable to. She soon brought the 11-pound white tabby to the vet to remove the tape and get treatment for fleas.

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She then contacted Anthem Pets, a non-profit and 100% volunteer animal rescue in Anthem, Arizona.

Volunteers work tirelessly, for free, to help provide education, resources, and promote responsible ownership to their community.

They don’t have a shelter, instead they work with residents who help foster the animals in their own homes until the day they find their forever families.

Taylor had recently become a member of the Anthem Pets team and knew this was part of the job.

She lovingly named the cat Oscar since she found him by her garbage cans, and agreed to foster him. In no time at all, she and her family fell in love.

“It’s still so hard to think somebody would do that to him,” said Taylor during an interview with Liftable. “But he has a little special place in my heart now.”

It was that special relationship that pulled at the heartstrings of her boyfriend, and they made the decision to formally adopt Oscar.

There are still many cats whose stories are just as tragic as Oscar’s, but they have been unable to find families and need your help.

Taylor told us about a tiny two-week-old kitten who was found next to her mother’s dead body. She will soon be up for adoption.

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Could you be the new owner of this sweet little cat?

If you’re thinking, “I’m interested, but what’s the next step?” Here’s what to do:

As long as you’re willing to travel and get your new furrever friend, Anthem Pets welcomes applicants all over America to adopt.

Just visit their website to find out which animals are in desperate need of a home.

When you find that special someone, fill out the “Matchmaker” form and Anthem Pets will contact you.

Besides their fostering and adoption program, Anthem Pets also uses social media and their Pet Hotline to help reunite lost pets with their owners.

By donating to this wonderful organization, or helping circulate their posts on social media, you can be a part of their wonderful mission to help save animals in the North Phoenix area.

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