Relay: The Screen-Free Smartphone That Works with the Push of a Button


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Relay, a new product released by Republic Wireless, can be summed up as a safe, kid-friendly, easy way to responsibly introduce your young child to the world of cell phones.

Worrying about who your child is talking to, what they’re looking up online and what apps they’ve downloaded have now been replaced with a simplistic solution: a square speaker with one button.

It connects you to your children with the push of a button, keeps you updated on their location and puts your mind at ease.

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With a magnetic charger that snaps into the device and one quarter-sized button, this device screams kid-friendly. It comes with a headphone jack to ensure that what you say to your child can be said in private.

All through an app you can download to your smartphone, you can view your child’s location, contact them and speak, as well as set up channels.

Many devices can be synced together to create a ‘channel’ so that two Relays can speak to each other without interrupting your day.

This is perfect for siblings and even nips the argument ‘but I want to talk to my friend so I need a cellphone’ right in the bud!

Although it functions as a simple walkie-talkie, Relay is classified as a screen-free smartphone for kids because it connects to both cellular networks and wifi.

Unlike other walkie-talkies, there is no distance that will make the devices go out of range!

For $6.99 per month, you can set up a phone plan for your kids to make the device work anywhere they wander. However, if a phone plan isn’t what you had in mind, wifi will work as well for no monthly fee.

Because this is Republic Wireless’ first generation of the Relay, there are a few kinks that could be improved.

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The battery life has come into question by some users. However, the battery is addressed in the Q&A section of the Relay website. According to Republic Wireless, the device charge should last up to two days. Another small complaint made by some users is that Relay’s speakers send messages sounding a bit distorted, similar to an old CB radio, instead of the crystal clear voice you would hear through a cellphone.

However, keeping in mind that Relay is a first generation device, these are very simple bugs that can and may very likely be worked out in the near future.

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Republic Wireless has also confirmed two new features that will be coming soon: music will soon be able to be added to your child’s device, as well as direct access to Google Assistant.

Relay is available for purchase on, at Target and on Amazon. To learn even more about Relay, visit their website or YouTube channel to see it in action.

Would you consider using Relay for your children or grandchildren? Let us know what you think!

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