ThinkProgress: Trump To Blame for Weekend Heat Wave


There doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of “think” in ThinkProgress.

Reasonable and rational thought seems to be missing from the left-leaning news organization, which decided to blame President Donald Trump for the recent wave of searing temperatures across the United States.

“Call it the Trump heat wave: The current scorcher is just a taste of what’s coming,” ThinkProgress, which is run by the liberal think tank Center for American Progress, tweeted on Friday.

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The tweet linked to a ThinkProgress article published Friday, in which writer Joe Romm expounded on the deranged tweet.

“If we fail to significantly curb emissions of carbon pollution — which is the current plan put forth by President Donald Trump’s climate policies — then these severe and deadly heatwaves will become the normal summer weather over the next few decades,” he wrote.

Romm also seemed to suggest that in the coming decades, future heat waves in Texas and Florida could effectively burn the populace, with four to five months of the year averaging 100 degrees or more on the heat index.

The studies he used to back this all up sound mighty similar to the ones climate change activist and former Vice President Al Gore used in the late 2000s, when he claimed the North Polar ice cap would be experiencing ice-free summers within five years.

Do you think Trump is to blame for this weekend's heat wave?

Well, it’s been over 10 years, and not surprisingly, there’s quite a lot of ice left in the Arctic, even during the summer!

In Romm’s closing sentence, he placed as much blame as he could on Trump.

“Tragically, Trump’s policies will make such heat waves simply the normal climate, bringing with it new monster heat waves and catastrophic impacts,” he wrote.

Poor Trump. Not only is he the purveyor of all moral degeneracy in the country — at least according to progressives — but he’s now a destroyer of worlds by allowing catastrophic emissions to strangle the Earth.

Really, ThinkProgress?

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Thankfully, the organization was called out for such a ridiculous accusation, with users on Twitter getting a kick out of this latest display of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

“When it’s hot? Climate change! When it’s cold? Climate change! When it’s raining? Climate change! When there’s drought, climate change! It’s the answer to everything!” one user said.

“Yeah, because heat waves never ever happened before 2017,” another commented. “Maybe it’s all the blood boiling in the anti-Trumpers’ skulls causing the heat.”

One responded that ThinkProgress got the timeline wrong for the scorching temperatures. “No, the Trump heat wave in coming in November 2020,” the user said, referring to the upcoming election.

Blaming a president who has only been in office for a little over two and a half years for a record-setting heat wave is ludicrous.

But I can’t wait to see what ThinkProgress says in January when they inevitably blame Trump for record freezing temperatures.

Climate change activists are just hot and cold, emotionally and ideologically.

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