Three Reasons Brett Kavanaugh Is Senate Democrats' Worst Nightmare


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On Tuesday, Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh will go before the Senate Judiciary Committee and begin his confirmation hearings. That’s when the left has promised the personal attacks and bloodshed are going to begin in earnest — and it’s already been ugly.

The Democrats have promised to block Kavanaugh’s hearing in any way possible despite the fact that he’s one of the most eminently qualified justices to be nominated for the position, having authored over 300 opinions on what’s widely considered the nation’s second-highest court. No one can assail Kavanaugh’s record on the bench.

So instead, they’re going after him as a human being. Despite the fact that they haven’t even met with Kavanaugh and his hearings haven’t begun, they’ve promised they’re going to go after him “with everything (they’ve) got” because he’s “complicit” in “evil” — all because he was nominated by President Donald Trump.

The Democrats are attacking him this way because Brett Kavanaugh is their worst nightmare, and not just from a judicial standpoint. Here are three reasons why:

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#1: Kavanaugh is respected in his personal interactions

As a human being, almost nobody that the Trump administration could have nominated for the Supreme Court would have been as respected as Kavanaugh, and I don’t just mean for his judicial opinions. What I mean is, as a human being, this is someone who’s not just respected but beloved by those who deal with him on a day-by-day basis.

Take Julie O’Brien, whose daughter goes to school with Kavanaugh’s. In an opinion piece for The Washington Post, not exactly a publication that’s been leading the charge for the judge’s nomination, O’Brien described how Kavanaugh spends his time coaching school sports or as a “carpool dad,” bringing kids to and fro when it comes to extracurriculars.

It was one incident, however, that really left O’Brien touched.

Do you think Brett Kavanaugh deserves a fair hearing?

“Brett’s friendship and mentorship have touched my family in an especially personal way. A few years ago, my husband died,” she wrote. “One of the many difficult aspects of that loss was that my daughter had no one to accompany her to the school’s annual father-daughter dance. That first year — and every year since my husband’s passing — Brett has stepped forward to take my daughter to the dance alongside his own.

“I’ll leave it to others to gauge Judge Kavanaugh’s qualifications for the Supreme Court as a jurist. But as someone who would bring to his work the traits of personal kindness, leadership and willingness to help when called on, he would receive a unanimous verdict in his favor from those who know him.”

But what about those who work with him? Amit Agarwal, a former clerk, wrote an article for Fox News saying Kavanaugh would attend the weddings of his clerks, have frequent lunches with them and take them out to Washington Nationals baseball games.

“It has been 11 years since I left the judge’s chambers, and eight years since I’ve moved to Florida with my family,” Agarwal wrote. “I still call him for guidance whenever I have to make an important decision. His response is always the same: He listens carefully, offers his own view, and then asks a simple but extraordinarily generous question: ‘How can I help?’

“I can count on one hand the number of people in my life who regularly ask me that question and mean it. It is astonishing to me that one of them is a former boss who also happens to be one of the most distinguished judges in the country.”

In fact, when The Washington Post decided to run a putative hit piece on how much of an “elitist” Kavanaugh was, their article included the fact that his local bartender didn’t even know he was a judge — much less one of the most important ones in the nation — and that he’s friendly with his mostly liberal neighbors in Chevy Chase, Maryland, even though he’s a Republican. That’s what they could dig up on him. If that’s the worst they can do, the Democrats have very good reason to be scared.

#2: A majority of Kavanaugh’s law clerks have been women

One of the most common (and immature) attack lines used by the liberals was that Kavanaugh represents some sort of overgrown frat boy. We all know what that’s supposed to mean, particularly in the era of #MeToo: Here’s an overgrown sexist and member of a boy’s club, a throwback to a Neanderthal’s past.

Here’s what the pro-abortion group NARAL had to say:

That’s a lie, and we can tell you that because the numbers don’t lie.

“As a judge, I hire four law clerks each year,” Kavanaugh said in his nomination remarks. “I look for the best. My law clerks come from diverse backgrounds and points of view. I am proud that a majority of my law clerks have been women.”

And that’s not just tokenism, either. The Daily Signal spoke to some of his past female clerks.

“There was at least one term where I believe all four of his law clerks were women. He has support from all corners and all walks of life,” said Jennifer Mascott, former Kavanaugh clerk and assistant professor of law at the Antonin Scalia Law School at George Mason University.

“There just could not be a more terrific, qualified nominee.”

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And it wasn’t like he was coming from a part of the judicial system where female inclusion was the rule, either.

That 2014 term in which all four of his clerks were women “was the first year that any judge on the D.C. Circuit had hired four female law clerks,” clerk Katie Wellington told The New York Times.

“It was important to him,” she said. “His mother was a judge.”

#3 His clerks have been called “diverse” by even The New York Times

Just after his nomination, CNN published a piece in which it noted that Kavanaugh is a white male chosen for a court where almost everyone has been a white male. The point had to have been conspicuous to everyone — again, Kavanaugh just wasn’t right for the times.

Yet here was The New York Times‘ take on Kavanaugh’s staff: “Judge Kavanaugh’s Former Clerks: Diverse, and Deployed to Vouch for Him.”

That last part, of course, is a pithy remark about clerks coming out in the media to vouch for Kavanaugh — something that’s happened for almost every nominee in recent memory. However, this is The New York Times. If any paper was going to find a lack of diversity among Kavanaugh’s staff, it would be The Times — the same way that if anyone was going to find out how elitist Brett Kavanaugh was, it was going to be The Washington Post. Neither found anything. Brett Kavanaugh has been great for diversity on a court that simply hasn’t been known for it. Even The New York Times is forced to admit that. Shouldn’t that tell you something?

This is why Kavanaugh is the Democrats’ nightmare. All they have are personal attacks: He’s going to be bad for division in America, he’s going to be bad for women and he’s going to be bad for minorities.

On all three counts, they’re wrong — and that’s not just a matter of opinion. The facts simply mean none of this holds water.

It’s time to stop the demagoguery and gridlock, and give Brett Kavanaugh a fair hearing.

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