Exclusive: Dinesh D'Souza Shares Inside Scoop on Highly Controversial New Film


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Conservative author and filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza recently released a new movie titled “Death of a Nation,” which shows how, despite their incessant attempts to pin such labels on Republicans, it is in fact the Democrat Party that has a lengthy history of fascism, racism and white supremacy.

The film draws parallels between how Democrats reacted in 1860 to the election of President Abraham Lincoln to their current reaction to the election of President Donald Trump, while at the same time also points out the shocking similarities between the platforms of the Democrats as compared to the European fascist dictatorships of Nazi Germany’s Adolf Hitler and Italy’s Benito Mussolini.

D’Souza recently sat down for an exclusive interview with The Western Journal to discuss his new film, and he didn’t hold back one bit in exposing the parts of history that the left would much rather ignore or suppress. (For local tickets and showtimes to the movie, click here.)

He explained that his new movie addressed two major issues, fascism and racism, and how “The left has been using those two charges against Trump, but not just against Trump, but also against conservatives, against the right, the Republican Party … and this accusation predates Trump. It’s in the textbooks, the whole notion that fascism is ‘right-wing,’ the notion that the parties switched platforms and the Republicans are now the party of racism, this is taught in schools and Wikipedia, so it’s out there.”

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But the movie shows how such notions are wrong and that the “racist and fascist tail” should be pinned on the “Democrat donkey,” not the “Republican elephant.”

D’Souza explained how Hitler’s Nazi Party actually borrowed three key ideas from the progressive American Democrats to formulate the basis of their own platform, namely displacing non-Germans from European lands in lieu of overseas conquest, the anti-Jewish Nuremberg Laws that were modeled after the anti-black Jim Crow laws, as well as the confiscation of property from Jews, again modeled after the confiscation of property from blacks by Democrats.

As to why the modern-day Democrats so adamantly smear Trump and Republicans as racists, despite their own racist history, D’Souza explained that by virtue of liberal control over academia, the entertainment industry and the media, they have access to a “big megaphone” with which to “concoct and promulgate stories” among the public that can’t be easily countered by those with much smaller or no megaphones. In doing so, liberals have successfully shifted their own sordid legacy onto their ideological enemies.

While that smearing as being racist has largely worked on previous Republican politicians, it hasn’t been nearly as effective against Trump, most likely because he is a “devastating counter-puncher” and has “effectively blunted the attack on him because he has shown a bravery and almost indifference to it,” D’Souza said. D’Souza suggested that Trump could be even more effective in blunting the racism attack by accurately flipping it back on his accusers.

Do you intend to see D'Souza's new film "Death of a Nation"?

In response to a question about the increasingly violent outbursts from the left, D’Souza compared it to the violent rise of fascism in post-World War I Europe and the rise of street militias.  Mussolini’s blackshirts and Hitler’s brownshirts would violently suppress dissent and opposition voices, remarkably similar to the current actions of groups like the progressives’ current antifa thugs. Antifa claims to be “anti-fascist” while employing the exact same tactics made infamous by actual fascists.

D’Souza explained that the movie, which is less a pure documentary and more of a docu-drama, was based on extensive research and citations that went into the companion book “Death of a Nation.” It also includes material from an earlier book he had written titled “The Big Lie.”

After some discussion about the reactions he receives when speaking on college campuses, which usually involve enlightening students and even faculty with truthful information they’ve never heard before, D’Souza was asked to fast-forward two years to a theoretical Trump re-election.

“The left has this dismaying realization that this guy that they have portrayed, not only as a bad guy … but the antichrist himself, is now here to rule with the consent of the American people for the second time,” stated D’Souza. “The first time they could say he fooled them, they were misled, but now they’ve seen him up close and he’s actually been governing for four years and they want him to govern for four years more … I think would be emotionally crippling for the left.

“I think it would actually be a healthy experience because it might force the Democrats to have to really reexamine their premises from the ground up, and we are at the point where that itself needs to happen,” he added.

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D’Souza also spoke about the “gangsterization of the Democrat Party” that occurred under former President Barack Obama, and would have continued under a hypothetical Hillary Clinton administration. He described how, contrary to the left’s characterization of Trump as “toxic,” he is actually serving as a “de-toxifier” of American politics by virtue of how he has exposed the “Deep State” and other bureaucratic machinations that have subversively controlled and influenced society.

You can catch the rest of the incredible interview above, including a discussion of the history of eugenics, the liberal media’s purposeful “blackout” of coverage of D’Souza’s movie, and how political correctness led to Trump’s political rise and success, among other topics.

Whether one agrees with all of D’Souza’s claims and conclusions or not, everyone should see this incredible film, if only to compare that information with what is already “known” and make up their minds for themselves.

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