Tom Hanks Recreated All of His Movies in a Single Take, and It's Awesome

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Tom Hanks fans, you’ll want to see this. And the biggest fans? They might even watch it more the once.

It’s along the lines of the tribute videos you might see of an actor or director at an awards show. This, though, is of a much funnier sort.

Hanks and late night television host James Corden acted out Hanks’ most well-known roles one after the other.

It was done improv style, with a bell rung to shift the two performers to each next scene.

Hanks and Corden started with one of the best-known of Hanks’ many well-known films: “Forrest Gump.”

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The pair sat on a bench with a park scene behind them holding, of course, a box of chocolates.

The bell rang and the two shifted into a song from “Big.” They danced and sang to the audience’s delight.

Soon, the performers acted out “Sleepless in Seattle” with Corden dressed in a blonde wig. The wig had recurring appearances as, of course, Hanks did multiple films with Meg Ryan.

Hanks’ bio includes some of the biggest films of the past several decades.

He won the Best Actor Oscar for both “Forrest Gump” and “Philadelphia” and Golden Globe Awards for “Cast Away” and “Big.”

Corden and Hanks couldn’t leave “Cast Away” out of the skit. Hanks called out “Wilson!!!” as Corden floated away in the water.

Hanks’ longest fans remember his early days in the television series “Bosom Buddies.”

He was recognized for his comedic talents and later showed off his dramatic acting skills in diverse leading roles.

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It is those talents that have won him so many fans throughout the world.

And it also takes a certain charisma, character, and likability that shines through in his performances and appearances.

That charisma was on display in the video with Corden. The pair finished the skit singing “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” in connection with “Toy Story.” The audience clapped along, appreciating yet another awesome performance from an actor they love.

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