Wife Secretly Hands Flight Crew Note, Husband Confused by Their Announcement


He settled in to his airline seat with his iPad propped in front of him. It was the usual routine: wait for everyone to finish boarding, make sure your belongings are tucked under the seat in front of you, and buckle your seat belt.

Just another normal flight, right? Well, maybe, except this one had a special beginning that at least two of the passengers will likely never forget.

Audrey Rose and her husband David live in Tampa with their little girl Ava. The day before the flight, Audrey discovered she was pregnant again.

She woke the next morning at 4 a.m. and took not just one but two more pregnancy tests to make sure the news was absolutely correct. The next step was how to tell David, and she decided she wanted to surprise him in a unique way.

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Announcing an impending birth and all the excitement and joy that accompanies such news has become a popular obsession.

There are hundreds if not thousands of videos online of creative announcements — each person putting their own little personal spin on the joyous occasion.

No doubt Audrey had seen these, and maybe she’d even planned a creative reveal for her first child.

But this last-minute discovery led her to deliver the information to her own husband in an unusual way.

As the Tampa couple boarded their flight, Audrey surreptitiously handed a note to one of the flight attendants. As she said later when she told what happened next, “I think I got him pretty good.”

“I have a BIG favor to ask,” the note to the flight crew read. “I just found out that I’m pregnant…. I was hoping you could announce it before takeoff.”

Soon enough, David was staring at that iPad when he heard the pilot begin to break the news. “David and Audrey Rose apparently have smuggled an extra passenger on board today,” the pilot said.

David looked up, perplexed. His wife sat next to him, recording his reactions on video.

“Audrey has recently discovered that she is with child,” the pilot continued. “What?” David said in shock.

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David repeated that word several times as he smiled in disbelief. Their fellow passengers applauded and some giggled at David’s response, one telling him jokingly that everything would be okay.

When Audrey shared the story with friends on Facebook in January, many applauded her creativity. “I’m dying laughing,” one friend wrote.

The family’s new arrival is expected in late May. By then, the entire family will have had time to prepare, though David may forever brace for big news when he boards a flight.

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