'Trump Derangement Syndrome' Is Real


As Donald Trump’s presidency gains momentum, the left becomes more and more deranged. Trump Derangement Syndrome is very real, and getting worse.

Apparently, Trump recently discovered the phrase “Trump Derangement Syndrome,” and he likes it very much! Whenever a phrase sticks with the president, it really sticks.

“Some people HATE the fact that I got along well with President Putin of Russia,” Trump tweeted on July 18. “They would rather go to war than see this. It’s called Trump Derangement Syndrome!”

This marked the first time Trump’s ever used this particular phrase on Twitter, and he repeated it eight days later.

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Since then, the left has been constantly spreading lies to discourage Trump supporters. However, none of their tactics have worked so far.

Nothing beats the validating satisfaction of dismissing your detractors as “deranged.” The adjective has become an informal synonym for an unhinged detachment from reality so profound that it mimics certain severe forms of mental illness.

The perfect example of Trump Derangement Syndrome is the rhetoric that comes from CNN every day. They have gone through different stages of the dreaded condition.

First, there was the “Russian collusion, nothing burger.” This one is still a hopeful for the liberals. Every day, they scream collusion. It doesn’t matter that they have no evidence. This one will keep going until Mueller stops the investigation. (We know that won’t happen any time soon.)

Do you think Democrats will ever get over Trump Derangement Syndrome?

Then there was the “Stormy Daniels nothing burger.” Apparently, a man who slept with a hooker is supposed to derail the Trump Train. However, we all admit that we didn’t elect a pastor to the oval office; we elected a businessman to fix America.

Then Maxine Waters demanded liberals to “create a crowd” and let the Trump administration officials know that “they aren’t welcome anymore, anywhere.”

When was this ever OK? Waters has been the poster child for “Trump Derangement Syndrome,” since Trump announced his candidacy in 2015. Her drolling to “impeach 45” has echoed night and day, consecutively.

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My question is this: If leftists knew how silly they looked, would they stop their foolishness and realize that Trump is bettering America? Probably not.

In fact, CNN almost certainly won’t stop because the constant rhetoric brings views and views makes them money.

The Russian collusion story alone has made them millions.

I’m sure Jeff Zucker is sitting pretty over this lie they tell every hour of every day. After all, Russian collusion lies brings the money.

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