Trump Pokes Fun at Himself During LSU White House Ceremony, Left Loses It


President Donald Trump triggered plenty of leftists Friday when he poked fun at himself during a White House event honoring the college football national champion LSU Tigers.

The president’s comments came as he was inviting players to visit the Oval Office and take a picture there.

“We don’t normally do this, but I’m doing it for this team. Anybody would like to come with me to the Oval Office — we’ll take pictures in the Oval Office,” Trump said.

“It’s a special place. There’s no place like the Oval — they come from all over the world, they have their own big offices and everything,” he added.

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“They go into the Oval and they say: ‘There’s no place like this.'”

WARNING: The following video and tweets contains a profane term that some readers may find offensive. Viewer discretion is advised. 

Trump then poked fun at himself with a joke about impeachment.

“So coach, if you’d like, we can take whoever wants to come to the Oval Office, we’ll take pictures behind the Resolute Desk,” he said. “It’s been there a long time. Lot of presidents. Some good, some not so good.”

Do you think Trump's comments were funny?

“But you got a good one now,” he said, garnering laughs from the crowd.

“Even though they’re trying to impeach the son of a b—-. Can you believe that?”

Those in attendance seemed to think Trump’s comments were funny.

After all, while he did use a profane term, he was referring to himself, seemingly finding a bit of humor in the situation regarding his own impeachment.

But a number of leftists on social media apparently didn’t see it the same way:

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Now, it is true that Trump was already impeached by the Democrats in the House of Representatives and now faces a trial in the Senate.

But it’s not as though the president and everyone else doesn’t know that.

Trump was making a joke, plain and simple, possibly in an effort to trigger the left.

And boy, did they take the bait.

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