Trump Skipping 'Boring' White House Correspondents' Dinner, Will Rally in Wisconsin Instead

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President Donald Trump revealed on April 5 that he would be skipping the upcoming annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner for the third year in a row since taking office and would hold a rally with supporters instead.

That decision wasn’t particularly surprising, given the overtly hostile environment the annual dinner — which is little more than a self-congratulatory celebration of the establishment media by the media — has become with regard to him and his administration in recent years.

In dismissing the idea of attending this year’s Correspondents’ Dinner, Trump called the event “boring” and negative,” and told reporters that he’d rather be in a “positive” setting, such as a rally with his supporters.

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Trump finally revealed in a tweet on Tuesday where that rally would be and wrote, “I will be in Green Bay, Wisconsin on Saturday, April 27th at the Resch Center — 7:00 pm (CDT). Big crowd expected! #MAGA”

The rally in Wisconsin was scheduled to be held at the same time on the same date as the annual Correspondents’ Dinner, Fox News reported.

Michael Glassner, chief operating officer of Donald J. Trump for President, Inc., said in a statement, “President Trump looks forward to sharing the successes of his administration with the great people of Wisconsin.”

“Under President Trump’s leadership, paychecks are now growing twice as fast for those in the bottom half of the income spectrum. Unemployment has hit generational lows, and the U.S.-Mexico-Canada trade agreement will open Canadian dairy markets to farmers all across Wisconsin,” Glassner added.

Will you watch Trump's rally instead of the Correspondents' Dinner?

Fox News pointed out that presidents usually attend the annual event — Trump had even attended in the past prior to his presidency — but Trump has bucked that tradition since being in office, in large part because of the exceptional vitriol and biased hatefulness so many in the liberal media have aimed his direction.

Ironically, in light of assertions that the president is a billionaire elitist who is out of touch with the American people, Trump will be spending the evening of April 27 surrounded by regular working-class Americans while the elitist media and their billionaire enablers gather together in Washington D.C. to pat themselves on the back and grant each other awards for their fake news.

As for those attending the once-prestigious, now-pretentious dinner, they’ll be fine without the attendance of the president, and will no doubt take plenty of shots at him in absentia.

This time, however, the event will be hosted by an author and historian of journalism — rather than a crass comedian — so hopefully, the current denizens of the biased liberal media can learn something about the glory days of journalism with integrity … though we won’t be holding our breath in that regard.

Highlighting the expected self-righteous sanctimony of the media that will be on display at the event, White House Correspondents’ Association president Olivier Knox said in a tweet that his organization was “looking forward to an enjoyable evening of celebrating the First Amendment and great journalists past, present, and future.”

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As an aside, the choice of Wisconsin as the location for Trump’s rally is something of a subtle dig at his failed 2016 opponent, Hillary Clinton, and her defenders in the media, as the defeated candidate lost in part because she failed to visit and rally sufficient support in many Midwestern states, Wisconsin in particular.

It is unlikely that Democrats will make that same mistake again, so President Trump has gotten a jump-start in staking out that state as one he fully intends to win.

Fox News noted that Trump has already visited Wisconsin no less than 18 times — Green Bay specifically three times — since June of 2018, and there will surely be plenty more visits to that state and others in the year and months leading up to the 2020 election.

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Ben Marquis has written on current events and politics for The Western Journal since 2014. He reads voraciously and writes about the news of the day from a conservative-libertarian perspective. He is an advocate for a more constitutional government and a staunch defender of the Second Amendment, which protects the rest of our natural rights. He lives in Little Rock, Arkansas, with the love of his life as well as four dogs and four cats.
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