Trump Trolls Enemies with Resounding 'Endorsements' - Then Their Opponents Take the Bait


In a master-level stroke of inversion, former President Donald Trump has found a new use for his ability to all but ensure the success of Republican candidates.

On Wednesday via Truth Social, Trump unleashed his “endorsements” against three Democrats: Daniel Goldman, a former federal prosecutor who is campaigning for New York’s 10th Congressional District, Carolyn Maloney of New York and Rep. Jerrold Nadler. Both Maloney and Nadler are competing for a redrawn 12th Congressional District.

Based upon context, these “endorsements” from Trump can be considered to be either darkly disingenuous or delivered sarcastically with a proverbial wink to his supporters. Judge for yourself.

On Truth Social, Trump wrote first about Goldman, “Lawyer Dan Goldman is running for Congress, NY-10, and it is my great honor to Strongly Endorse him. I do this not because of the fact that he headed up the Impeachment Committee and lost, but because he was honorable, fair, and highly intelligent. While it was my honor to beat him, and beat him badly, Dan Goldman has a wonderful future ahead….”

“….He will be very compassionate and compromising to those within the Republican Party, and will do everything possible to make sure they have a fair chance at winning against the Radical Left Democrats, who he knows are destroying our Country. I would like to thank Dan for fighting so hard for America, and for working so tirelessly to stop “Trump.” He was not easy to beat, but winning against him made me realize just how very talented I am!” he continued.

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Trump suggested that Goldman will be a moderate “very compassionate and compromising to those within the Republican Party” a damning descriptor in the uber-radicalized far-left of the 2022 Democrat party.

Minutes later, a similar “endorsement” for Maloney, with some kind words for her opponent Nadler appeared on Trump’s account.

“A vote for Carolyn Maloney in NY-12 is a vote for the future! She is a kind and wonderful person, who has always said terrific things about me, and will support me no matter what I do, just as I supported her very early on. She begged for a check with no quid pro quo, and I gave it to her. In fact, I gave her many….”

According to the Federal Elections Commission, Trump did in fact donate to Maloney’s campaign in 1993, 1994, 1998, 2006 and again in 2009 for a total of $4,000.

Do you think the Democrat voters are going to fall for this?

He continued and even took aim at Jerry Nadler. “….On the other hand, Jerry Nadler is likewise a hard driving man of the people, whose energy and attention to detail is unlike anyone else in Congress. He is high energy, sharp, quick-witted, and bright. You can’t go wrong with either, but Carolyn Maloney is the better man. She will lead our Country into a very GREEN and prosperous future. Carolyn has my Complete and Total Endorsement, she will never let our Conservative Movement down!”

The highlight of the snarky message is definitely the combined swipe at both Maloney and Nadler, “You can’t go wrong with either, but Carolyn Maloney is the better man.”

Naturally, Goldman and Maloney both vehemently rejected the “endorsement” from the 45th President. Goldman’s campaign attempted to turn the joke around on Trump in a statement reported by The Blaze.

“This is a pathetic attempt at fooling Democrats who are far smarter than Trump is, and it’s clear that only one candidate in NY-10 is living rent-free in Trump’s head. Buckle up Donald,” the statement added. “Dan’s coming for you.”

Maloney likewise took to Twitter to reject Trump’s “endorsement” and try to levy a rhetorical counterattack against him.

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According to The New York Times, though, the opportunity to pick up the metaphorical weapon Trump offered them was not lost on some Democrats. Suraj Patel, who is running against Maloney and Nadler, pointed to Trump’s “endorsement” as evidence that the former President preferred to face older Democrats.

“Donald Trump is scared of a younger, more dynamic Democratic Party,” said Patel, according to The Times. “He knows how much more effective a new generation of diverse, energetic Democrats will be in stopping his movement.”

Patel is just 38 years old and he’s facing two septuagenarians.

Rep. Mondaire Jones of New York, who is struggling to find his feet in the new 10th District, picked up the cudgel Trump offered and readily wielded it against Goldman at a Wednesday debate.

“Mr. Goldman is fulfilling Donald Trump’s vision of him being a moderate person who is attempting to defeat progressives in this race,”  Jones said, according to The Times. He added that Goldman “was the first candidate on this stage to be endorsed by Donald J. Trump.”

“Donald Trump just endorsed my multi-millionaire opponent, in case you needed a reminder of what the stakes are. #NY10, choose your fighter,” tweeted Yuh-Line Niou, another  Democratic candidate against Goldman.

While we’re a few days away from the New York primaries on Aug. 23, these early indications could point to Trump’s “backhanded endorsement” as The Hill called it, being almost as devastating a political weapon as his genuine support. Time will tell.

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