Trump's Senior Adviser Reveals How 45 Is Doing Following the News of Indictment


Former President Donald Trump hasn’t been shaken by the news of his indictment.

Jason Miller, an aide to Trump, disclosed that he was in good spirits, even as he faces criminal charges.

“President Trump’s in great spirits,” Miller told Breitbart News.

“It’s how he powers through in the face of adversity and how he’s been doing this ever since he came down the golden escalator at Trump Tower is just amazing. No one else in history has been able to do this.”

“The more they attack him, the stronger he gets.”

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Miller indicated that Trump plans on surrendering to New York law enforcement in the wake of the indictment — ruling out the concept that the former president would decline to appear in court for his arraignment.

“There’s a bit of a delay period until you go in front of the judge. They do the arraignment. They do the, sort of, all the kind of the logistics type stuff, and then he’ll come on back to Florida.”

Trump plans on delivering public remarks after his New York arraignment, according to Miller.

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The Trump confidante described the charges as motivated by the political ambitions of Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg — the Soros-funded prosecutor responsible for empaneling the grand jury that indicted Trump.

“You look at Alvin Bragg, for example. He definitely wants to run for attorney general, maybe even mayor of New York or governor of New York someday. This is all about politics.”

“That’s the only thing that’s driving this.”

The charges remain under seal, but it’s thought that they are connected to alleged payments made to pornographic performer Stormy Daniels.

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Trump’s legal defense team suspects that a judge assigned to the case will seek to impose a gag order on the former president — barring him from speaking publicly about the case, according to the Daily Mail.

The filing of criminal charges against Trump makes a new precedent.

A former president has never previously been charged or convicted of a crime in American history.

Trump is also the Republican Party’s leading candidate for the presidency, with the legal affair likely to overshadow the 2024 presidential election.

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