Tucker: Lightning Is More Dangerous to Americans Than White Supremacy, Here Are the Numbers


President Joe Biden tells us every chance he gets that white supremacy is the single greatest threat facing America today. The problem is so dangerous, in fact, that he’s tasked Defense Secretary and useful idiot Lloyd Austin with rooting out extremism in the military. Neither Biden nor Austin offers any credible evidence to back up these claims because it doesn’t exist.

In his opening monologue on Monday night, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson looked at the data and discovered that individual American’s chances of dying from a lightning strike are greater than they are of being killed in a white supremacist attack.

He looked at a study conducted by researchers at the University of Maryland. This group maintains a “Global Terrorism Database.”

“Some of the data they produce are clearly highly political. For example, they count the Parkland school shooting as an act of white supremacist violence. It wasn’t,” Carlson told viewers.

“So the numbers they have are inflated. And yet, the researchers at the University of Maryland could find less than 70 people in the entire country who died from white supremacist violence over the entire period between 2015 and 2019.”

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“How many people is that?” he asked. “Well, of course, it’s too many, any death is too many.”

“But for some perspective, more people die in this country every year from lightning strikes — literally. Look it up.

“So no,” Carlson concluded. “White supremacist violence, bad as it may be, is not a major threat. It’s not even on the list, actually. What’s at the top of the list. Well, let’s see. Crime. Crime tops the list.”

Carlson was apparently citing GTB numbers that got fairly wide attention in 2020. Much of the mainstream media’s coverage, like Newsweek’s, sought to compare “white supremacist” violence to attacks by Muslims, but Carlson had a different comparison in mind.

According to the National Weather Service, “Lightning kills an average of 49 people each year in the United States and hundreds more are injured. Some survivors suffer lifelong neurological damage.”

The GTB numbers claimed 64 Americans had died from white supremacist violence over a five-year period, for an average of just over 12 a year.

Those numbers aren’t even close.

Remember this data on Wednesday when Biden delivers an expected speech on the rising U.S. crime rate, which he will no doubt blame on white supremacy and his solution will be to enact more gun control legislation.

Of course white supremacy is bad, but it pales in comparison to the violence black criminals are carrying out in places such as St. Louis, Missouri, Detroit, Michigan, or Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago, a city that has some of the strictest gun control laws in the country.

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On Monday, WGN-TV reported that Lightfoot and Chicago police Superintendent David Brown tried to make the case that the city’s police department was “making strides [in] combating gun violence.” They pointed to data showing that only 10 people had died and 65 had been wounded over the weekend.

“The reality is June over June, we’re seeing a downward trend in both homicides and shootings,” Lightfoot said, according to WGN.

She went even further to say, “We’re seeing a downward trajectory where other cities are continuing to see a climb.”

Are Biden and Democrats exaggerating the threat of white supremacy to Americans?

The reality is that the mayor’s victory lap is unwarranted. Both homicides and shootings are up year-over-year in Chicago. WGN reported that “while city statistics in the last 28 days shows a drop from 82 murders in 2020 to 62 this year — murders are still up year-to-date over 2020; with 282 in 2021 compared to 269 last year.”

If this were about truly about concern over black lives, we would hear almost nothing from the media about white supremacy. Instead we’d hear about black-on-black violence. But we don’t, at least not framed in that way. And Democratic leaders like Lori Lightfoot, presiding over these weekly holocausts, aren’t held to account by the liberal media.

So it’s clearly not about black lives for Democrats and the media. Instead, it is about gaining and keeping power. And nothing grants power in today’s United States like the charge of bigotry.

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Elizabeth is a contract writer at The Western Journal. Her articles have appeared on many conservative websites including RedState, Newsmax, The Federalist,, HotAir, MSN and RealClearPolitics.

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