As US Struggles to Survive, American Peoples' Resilience and Good Judgement Rises to the Fore Again


“The people know their rights; and they are never slow to assert and maintain them, when they are invaded,” Abraham Lincoln once said.

Thus it has always been in the history of the American republic.

Whenever the governing authority has gotten too far out of kilter, the people have stepped in to preserve their rights, and they’re doing so again in our time.

It started with the Revolutionary War when the colonists objected to King George III and Parliament denying them their basic rights as British citizens and children of God.

During the Civil War, Lincoln ultimately rallied Americans to put their lives on the line to preserve the Union and do it in a way that was consistent with the Declaration of Independence — equality for all in the rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

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In the early 20th century, during the height of an industrial revolution, the people demanded the government step in and pass needed reforms regarding child labor and the length of the work day.

More recently, the Civil Rights movement in the 1960s nullified the unjust Jim Crow laws in the South that made blacks second-class citizens.

Moving toward our own times, the battle for the last several decades has been over the size of scope of the federal government.

Do you think Americans will put the nation back on the right track?

Ronald Reagan’s landslide victories in the 1980s were a response to the failed Great Society policies of the 1960s that had led to the economic, societal malaise of the 1970s.

While campaigning for re-election in 1984, the 40th president said, “In 1980 the American people declared their independence once again. We recognized, once and for all, that a government big enough to give you everything you want is big enough to take away everything you’ve got.”

Reagan won 49 of the 50 states in the ’84 election, by the way.

In light of this new reality of conservative dominance and the booming, vibrant economy the Reagan Revolution created, Bill Clinton ran as a centrist, “New Democrat” in 1992.

However, after taking office, when he and the Democrats sought to pass government-controlled universal health care coverage and other leftist policies, the American people stepped in to check their power.

The Republican Revolution netted 54 seats for the GOP in the House along with control of the Senate for the first time since the 1950s.

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The same happened in 2010 after then-President Barack Obama and the Democrats passed the $800 billion stimulus bill and Obamacare.

The Tea Party Revolution midterm elections resulted in the GOP picking up 63 seats in the House.

The off-year elections earlier this month should encourage freedom-loving Americans that another red wave is forming that will reset Washington.

Everywhere up and down-ballot from New York and New Jersey to Virginia, Texas and Seattle, Washington, Republicans made improbable gains.

The issues that drove people to the polls were clear: parental rights in education, public safety, the economy, COVID policies, taxes.

During the 2020 election cycle, Joe Biden had promised Americans a return to normalcy after the turbulent President Donald Trump years.

Of course, much of the turbulence was created by Democrats and their allies in the D.C. bureaucracy and the media.

When viewed objectively, Trump made the nation more secure and more prosperous than it had been under Obama.

COVID-19 came during the election year, which greatly disrupted Americans’ lives, and Biden offered the old “the grass will be greener” temptation regarding his response to the pandemic.

The nation would “follow the science” he pledged.

Uncle Joe” also assured voters he was no socialist like his rival for the Democratic nomination, Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont.

Biden won and proceeded to govern as a full-on leftist, much as Clinton had during his first two years in office.

On Day One, Biden halted construction on the border wall, ended the remain in Mexico policy for those applying for asylum, halted oil exploration on federal lands and cancelled the Keystone XL Pipeline.

In his inaugural address and several times since, Biden’s repeatedly called the U.S. systemically racist.

In March, “centrist” Biden and the Democrats passed — without a single Republican vote — the nearly $2 trillion American Rescue Plan, which extended federally enhanced unemployment benefits until September and tacked on $300 per month, per child payments in parents’ bank accounts throughout all of 2021.

Surprise, surprise, job hires shot up significantly in October, the month after enhanced federal unemployment benefits ended and initial claims for unemployment benefits finally fell below 300,000 per week.

The president imposed onerous vaccine mandates on federal employees and has sought to put them on private employees, completely ignoring the science regarding natural immunity among other issues.

Biden’s Justice Department threatened parents who show up at school board meetings to protest COVID mandates and critical race theory with prosecution.

And now the Democrats want to pass the multi-trillion dollar Build Back Better plan, which would launch multiple, new, open-ended entitlement programs the country can ill afford.

Taken all together, the American people do not like the direction Biden is taking the country.

The Real Clear Politics average shows about 62 percent of Americans believe the nation is on the wrong track versus not quite 30 percent who believe we’re going in the right direction.

A Washington Post/ABC News poll found 59 percent of respondents are concerned Biden “will do too much to increase the size and role of government in U.S. society.”

Further, among registered voters 51 percent said they would support a Republican candidate over 41 percent who would vote for a Democratic one in the 2022 midterms.

This plus-10 lead is the largest the GOP has ever held in the history of this poll, going back 40 years.

Biden’s approval rating in the Post/ABC news survey among registered voters is at 38 percent.

There is a massive red wave forming, and it’s of the Democrats’ making.

The people know their rights, and they realize that Biden and his party are intruding on them and need to be checked.

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