Vet Confronts Trudeau at Town Hall, Crowd Doesn't Buy His Excuse


An enraged disabled veteran confronted Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau during a town hall last week over plans by the left-wing politician’s administration to reportedly roll out a pension plan for disabled veterans that many claim is far less generous than it should be.

“I was prepared to be killed in action,” Brock Blaszczyk, told Trudeau on Thursday. “What I wasn’t prepared for, Mr. Prime Minister, is Canada turning its back on me.”

According to the Global News, Blaszczyk is a former corporal in the Canadian Army who lost his left leg after being struck by a roadside bomb in Afghanistan.

His anger concerned the fact that Trudeau, the leader of Canada’s Liberal Party, appears to have reneged on a promise he made during the election in 2015, according to the National Post, that “(n)o veteran will be forced to fight their own government for the support and compensation they have earned.”

According to The Huffington Post, Trudeau unveiled a disability pension plan late last year that includes “a monthly, tax-free payment for pain and suffering that maxes out at $1,150 and a new benefit for those with severe disabilities. The most severely disabled veterans will be paid a maximum of $2,650 a month.”

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That’s a paltry sum for those injured in battle.

Listen to Blaszczyk’s full remarks below, from a Facebook post by the Canadian media company BC Proud, and pay close attention to how the crowd reacts when Trudeau responds.

What makes Trudeau’s flip response so astounding, though, is how far he’s been willing to tread to cater to radical Islamic terrorists.

Does Trudeau genuinely care about veterans?

“You have ISIS members coming into a re-integration program. You did a backdoor deal with Omar Khadr with not even stepping into the courtroom,” Blaszczyk pointed out Thursday.

Correct. Last year Trudeau offered to reintegrate “Islamic State fighters who return home to Canada,” as reported by the Washington Free Beacon. As for Khadr, he’s a a convicted terrorist whom Trudeau’s administration not only freed but also awarded 10.5 million Canadian dollars.

But God forbid the man who seeks to coddle Islamic terrorists meet his promise to take care of Canada’s veterans. Replying to Blaszczyk’s remarks, Trudeau said only that veterans “are asking for more than we are able to give right now.”

Writing for The Post Millennial, commentator Jordan Kent wondered, “How come we have enough money to bring over thousands of refugees but not enough to help out those who served, sacrificed and almost died to defend our freedoms?”

“It seems like the governing party is more concerned with refugees than Canadian citizens because at this moment the PR atmosphere largely benefits that group,” Kent added.

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Also true. Trudeau practically rolled out the red carpet for refugees during the first few years of his administration, and all at taxpayer expense.

Yet regarding veterans, he prefers to be stingy.

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