Video: Owner Breaks Down Crying When Cat Found Untouched by California Wildfire


It’s been a little over a month since the devastating Camp Fire tore through California. People have started the difficult process of sifting through debris and putting their lives back together as they’ve been allowed to go back to what remains of their homes and properties.

Houses, lives, jobs, pets… many things have been lost, and small stories of hope and reuniting are warming people’s hearts.

Courtney Werblow has introduced her story, sharing a video of the moment she realized her cat was still alive. Seeing her pet emerge from the ashes, she was overcome with joy and started crying.

It’s been a long month for the family, though. They didn’t just lose their home, they lost their business, too, and Courtney’s parents’ house burned down in the fire, too.

Her parents’ house was where her cat, Timber, lived. Werblow explained the backstory on YouTube.

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“Timber is a very special cat to our family,” she wrote. “After a tree fell on my parent’s rental home 7 years ago, we were forced to move out and into a rental of our own.”

“(The new rental did not allow cats.) At the time her name was “kitty” and was renamed Timber – what you yell when a tree is falling – Timmmberrrrr! Get it? ;)”

“From this point on, Timber lived with my parents back on the property she knew as home.” Unfortunately, the cat was nowhere to be found when the family was evacuating, and so they had to leave while they still could.

But when they started getting pictures of their homes, their hearts sank. One of Werblow’s children found the positive when seeing photos of their charred property.

“’Mommy that’s good, at least we still have our big strong tree there’ its so amazing to see things through the eyes of your child,” Werblow wrote on Facebook.

“They have so much strength. It’s unreal to realize this is our home. Lots has happened here, I will miss lots of things and almost all those things have to do with my children. Ellie wanted to see the images so we let her, it’s a hard reality but helps this grieving process. ?”

But one of the bigger positives was when they went to the site of Werblow’s parents’ former home. A familiar sooty face popped up, and Werblow started calling the cat by name.

She came trotting over, meowing all the way, seemingly in good health and spirits, but happy to have the food Werblow offered her.

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“After so much loss, this is a testimony of endurance, strength, and love,” she wrote.

“She is an amazing family cat and we are so happy to have her back into our arms – especially for our 6 year old, Ellie.”

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