Viral Christian Evangelists Share About Preaching in Seattle: 'CHAZ Was Fertile; People Were Receptive'


Black Lives Matter riots and protests over the last few weeks have left the American people deeply divided.

Two women are now offering a solution for that divide — Jesus Christ.

Bevelyn Beatty and Edmee Chavannes went viral on Monday for preaching the word of God at Seattle’s “Capital Hill Organized Protest” or CHOP (previously known as CHAZ).

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The two Christian evangelists spoke to The Western Journal about their Christian mission and the time they spent preaching in CHOP. Co-founders of the New York-based At The Well Ministries, the two women began by explaining what brought them to Seattle.

“Saturday morning we were at Planned Murderhood, Planned Parenthood, and we were trying to speak to women there. And afterward, we had come home and Edmee had said, ‘For some reason the Lord is putting Seattle in my heart.’ And so I ended up coming across a couple of videos of a pastor who had gone to CHAZ, Seattle, and got beaten up, got his phone taken and got sexually assaulted,” Beatty told The Western Journal.

“So when I saw this video, I went to Edmee and said, ‘Edmee, we’ve got to go to Seattle.’ So that night we booked our flight. That morning, we were headed to Seattle.”

The video Beatty referenced was filmed by Blaze TV reporter Elijah Schaffer, who shared it on June 13. In the video, a group of masked protesters accosted, restrained and sexually assaulted a street preacher in CHOP.

“More than ever for some reason, it felt like it was a double-dare situation. How dare you do that to the kingdom? How dare you assault this pastor? So going there I also believe that we have done enough to stand for the kingdom and to take territory,” Chavannes told The Western Journal.

“We just want to encourage as many people as possible to invade that space with the presence of the Lord with the word of God.”

Upon arriving at CHOP, Beatty and Chavannes expected “people to be aggressive.” Thankfully, that didn’t turn out to be the case.

“We were there and we were able to minister to people like nobody’s business. CHAZ was fertile; people were receptive. You really could watch people’s hearts turn, giving them the gospel because, of course, we talked about politics, but Edmee and I know the word God is sharper than any double-edged sword, and when you speak the gospel, it pierces the heart. And then open the door with the policies and factual things based on America, what we’re dealing with and talk about the cause and effects of certain things,” Beatty explained.

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“It was good ground and the gospel was crazy. We were blessed by that.”

When asked if they expected to go viral, the two woman began laughing hysterically.

“You know what the crazy part is? We did not expect to go viral! We don’t even understand how we’ve gone viral,” Beatty said.

“It’s like the Lord’s just doing it. He is pushing his Kingdom forth and he is waking us up and he is planning on coming back. Wake up!

“And he is making Christian the true culture and he is exposing the devil for who he is. He is exposing fraud and fakes and he is saying, ‘My Christians will know my voice; my sheep will know my voice and I will show them. They got to wake up and see this, come and see about this. This is what I’m talking about.’ So, I mean, we didn’t expect it, but you know what? Let the Kingdom reign supreme.”

The two then elaborated on the viral video which has garnered 6.7 million views on Twitter so far.

“The lady asked, she said ‘So OK, so Biden’s racist,’ and she already knew that Trump was racist because of what she’s told all day on CNN and wherever else, ‘So what’s the third option?’ And that’s when everything started to break down,” Edmee Chavannes explained.

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“I couldn’t just tell her, ‘Vote for Trump’ because you tell them that and they’re going to grow cold to you quickly. So I just had to give her the history behind the Democratic Party so she could understand who they were,” Beatty added.

Both evangelists felt that the woman they were speaking to in the video hasn’t been characterized fairly by other outlets reporting on the story.

“And just to add this note, I see a lot of outlets, conservative outlets, that talk down when it comes to that woman,” Chavannes said. “That woman was very humble. She was asking things, she was asking questions, she was not trying to school us.”

Beatty and Chavannes each had a final message they wanted to share.

“What we did wasn’t anything new. We’re not special. We don’t have a special talent that another Christian doesn’t have. The only difference is we’re being obedient. Christ called all of us to do what me and Edmee are doing,” Beatty said.

“So I’m just challenging Christians to step out and go and go to both abortion clinics, go to those places where people are forgotten and lost and give them the gospel because they need it in this time.”

Chavannes directed her message at the Christian community, asking for “the body of Christ to rise and speak up.”

“Some may not go, but you have a voice, and you can speak. And do not allow the truth to be stoked in this hour. It doesn’t matter the color of your skin. If you know the Lord, you know the truth and you’re called to speak it forth. This is it. No fear of man. I want to encourage the body of Christ to not succumb to the fear of man, to not succumb to peer pressure. There’s a lot of bullyism going around, this BLM thing is bullying churches and businesses,” she said.

Chavannes went on to criticize Christians who were openly embracing the Black Lives Matter movement.

“My question is for anyone that kneels in this hour — what demon are you kneeling to?”

“What is the shame that you’re doing, that you are kneeling for? Because BLM is demanding total allegiance and it’s demanding that we bow,” Chavannes asked. “You only kneel to Jesus. You only repent to Jesus. Only Jesus.”

“This is so anti-Christ. It is so anti-Christ. It’s a slap in the face to Jesus when I hear churches trying to get the white Christians going to the black Christians to tell them ‘We’re sorry and we’ll wash your feet.’ Where is that coming from? When did Jesus ever wash feet for reconciliation? He did that because they wanted to serve.

“If your motivation is to serve, then have at it, wash feet. But if your motivation is guilt, we’ve got problems. We’ve got a real problem now.”

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