Kayleigh McEnany and Faith: 4 Times the WH Press Secretary Proudly Proclaimed Christian Beliefs


White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany isn’t backing down from sharing her faith.

McEnany was announced as the new press secretary for the White House on April 7 after previously serving as the national press secretary for President Trump’s re-election campaign. Her resume includes her run as a commentator on CNN and her work as the national spokesperson for the Republican National Committee.

McEnany has said her dedication to her job stems from her dedication to fill out the Lord’s purpose for her life. Here are four times Kayleigh McEnany proudly proclaimed her Chrisitan beliefs:

1. Kayleigh McEnany believes God put her in the press secretary position for a reason

When Kayleigh McEnany sat down with CBN News in May, she shared how her faith has allowed her to get through the most difficult times in her life — including her first press briefing.

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McEnany said she was fraught with nerves just before she walked out to face the reporters, but once she prayed with her family over the phone, she felt the strength she needed to do “the job that only could be done if God was there helping you along the way.”

“I believe God put me in this place for a purpose and for a reason like he does with each and every life,” McEnany said. “We’re all here for a reason.”

In the face of opposition, her faith has allowed her to stand strong. McEnany told CBN that she has been leading Bible studies with the Trump campaign to help everyone get through the long, hard days that come with working in politics.

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While she recognizes that being a conservative, Christian woman working for President Trump paints a target on her back, McEnany feels working in the administration allows her to be a bold voice for Christianity.

“My mission in life is that when I pass that He will look at me and say, ‘Well done good and faithful servant,'” she said. “If I can end my life that way, it doesn’t matter what the people say on the way there.”

2. McEnany believes “prayer made a difference” in the 2016 election

The press secretary told CBN News‘ David Brody that “prayer made a difference” in President Trump’s election. McEnany said she believes that God has President Trump in power for a reason, and in her view, Trump has been the person America needs to defend religious liberty and the lives of the unborn.

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She cited the Mexico City Policy, which President Trump renamed “Protecting Life in Global Health Assistance” in January 2017, as well as his remarks regarding religious freedom before the United Nations in September 2019. She also commended the selection of judges Trump has put in place.

“There’s just so much that he’s done to fight for the Christian community,” she said. “So I certainly believe he’s here at this moment for a time, as we all are.”

3. Kayleigh McEnany shared how much apologist Ravi Zacharias shaped her faith

After Christian apologist Ravi Zacharias passed away on May 19, McEnany expressed her grief over his passing and celebrated the impact he had on her faith.

While she never met Zacharias personally, she shed tears while considering the impact that his scholarly approach to Christianity had on her life. She said that her father had considered Billy Graham “the great evangelist” and that she likewise considered Zacharias to be “the great apologist.”

“He put a philosophical and academic rationale for the heart that I had for Christ, but gave me the ability to go to Oxford where there are renowned atheist scholars who try to say there’s no intellectual undergirding for Christianity,” she told CBN News.

“Ravi Zacharias, who happened to have an office at Oxford, was the person who provided the counter to that.”

While McEnany acknowledged that faith is more of a matter of the heart than of the head, she discussed how Zacharias’ teachings helped academics give Christianity a chance. McEnany said she is confident that the work of “the great apologist” will continue to have an impact even after his death.

“His life may have ended, but his life continues in the next life. He is someone I will meet in Heaven,” McEnany said. “Rest assured, his legacy will always be here and he will continue to change lives.”

4. McEnany applauded Trump’s work to protect religious liberty and the sanctity of life

In December, the former editor-in-chief of Christianity Today, Mark Galli, called for President Trump to be removed from office. Following the impeachment trials, he accused the president of violating the Constitution and being “immoral,” warning evangelicals against supporting Trump and urging them to “consider how your justification of Mr. Trump influences your witness to your Lord and Savior.”

McEnany, who was working with the re-election campaign at the time, appeared on Fox News and defended the president. McEnany pointed out that the magazine’s founder, famous evangelist Billy Graham, had supported President Trump.

“I would note this is one author at Christianity Today versus Billy Graham, who is a titan of the evangelical movement,” she said.

McEnany also mentioned the work that Trump has done to protect religious liberty and the sanctity of life — two rights that Christians evangelicals such as herself value highly.

“My morality, and that of many in the evangelical faith, is to keep babies alive,” McEnany said, “to value and put forward and advance religious freedom not just here but abroad, and there has been no one in modern history who has done that more than President Trump.”

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Skye Malmberg started out as an editorial intern for The Western Journal in 2019 and has since become a Staff Writer. Ever since she was 10 years old, she has had a passion for writing stories and reporting local news. Skye is currently completing her bachelors degree in Communications.
Skye Malmberg started out as an editorial intern for The Western Journal in 2019 and has since become a Staff Writer. Ever since she was 10 years old, she has had a passion for writing stories and reporting local news. Skye is currently completing her bachelors degree in Communications.